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2018 FGI Presentation at OHA 09/05/2019

Hospital Rule Change Presentation  10/01/2017

Plan Review Presentation at OHA 09/05/2019

Common Errors Handout 09/05/2019

Health Facility Plan Review Process Team Aim Statement

An opportunity exists to ensure the Oklahoma State Department of Health implements clear, reasonable and timely management practices for construction and plan reviews for hospitals and other health facilities in compliance with applicable state and federal laws and rules and up-to-date guidelines.  This effort should decrease the time required to complete approvals of plans and construction projects, moving from the current "sample" means days, to a 15% reduction by December 31, 2015.  This is important to work on immediately because timely plan reviews and inspections give health facilities important information needed to achieve and maintain compliance with construction and review standards.  Timely reviews and inspections have the potential to affect patient health and safety, to ensure compliance with building and safety codes, to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of state government services, and to reduce compliance costs for health facilities.  The baseline is measured as the mean number of days at the four major stages of the plan review process.

Executive Summary 04/03/15

Executive Summary 05/08/15

Executive Summary 06/12/2015

Executive Summary 07/17/2015

Executive Summary 08/10/15

Executive Summary 09/11/15 

Executive Summary 10/16/15

Executive Summary 11/13/15

Executive Summary 03/25/16

Executive Summary 07/15/16

Executive Summary 10/21/16

Plan Review Minutes 01/09/17

Meeting Summary 03/30/18

Nursing Facilities P&L Plan Review Process Improvement Swimlane

Hospitals and ASC Plan Review Process Improvement Swimlane

Plan Review Data Report Update 09/05/17

Final Summary Plan Review Improvement Team 07/12/18



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