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Oklahoma Statute Title 63, Section 1-701 et seq. and Sections 1-860.1 et seq.

Oklahoma Administrative Code for Non-Long Term Care Facilities:

OAC Title 310: Chapter 667 Hospital Standards

OAC Title 310: Chapter 615, Ambulatory Surgical Centers

OAC Title 310: Chapter 616, Birthing Centers

OAC Title 310 Chapter 315, Public Bathing Places Facility Standards ; OAC Title 310: Chapter 320, Public Bathing Places Operational Guidelines

Oklahoma Administrative Code for Long Term Care Facilities:

Assisted Living Facilities, OAC 310:663

Adult Day Care Facilities, OAC 310:605

Residential Care Homes, OAC 310:680

Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities, OAC 310:675

Nursing Facilities, OAC 310:675


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