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Quality Indicator Survey
QIS Update

Welcome to the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) Quality Indicator Survey Process Information Center.  This Information Center provides information, tools, and resources about the Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) Process.  The QIS Process was developed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the surveying of federally certified nursing homes.  QIS is a computer assisted long term care survey process used by State Survey Agencies and CMS to determine if Medicare and Medicaid certified nursing homes meet the Federal requirements.

The Quality Indicator Survey Process was designed to achieve several objectives:
• Improve consistency and accuracy of quality of care and quality of life problem identification by using a more structured process;
• Enable timely and effective feedback on survey processes for surveyors and managers;
• Systematically review requirements and objectively investigate all triggered regulatory areas within current survey resources;
• Provide tools for continuous improvement;
• Enhance documentation by organizing survey findings through automation; and
• Focus survey resources on facilities (and areas within facilities) with the largest number of  quality concerns.

On June 1 of this year, CMS selected Oklahoma to be the 25th state to begin the implementation of the process.  The OSDH expects the implementation to take three to four years for full implementation.  As the process is implemented, current surveyors and new surveyors alike will attend training for 6 weeks before becoming fully certified.

Long Term Care (LTC) hosted a statewide Stakeholders call on August 3rd with over 100 in attendance.  The new computer assisted survey process makes use of the latest tablet based technology and a two day training seminar was hosted by the QIES division of OSDH.  On August 22nd, a staff of 12, began a week long classroom training hosted by Providigm. 

The QIS program has now entered into its final stage.  At present we have 8 QIS certified surveyors.  The new class of QIS Surveyors began in mid January. These surveyors are now being taught by our 3 trainers.  When this class gains certification, CMS & Providigm will certify Oklahoma as a fully registered QIS program.  The commitment of the surveyors and staff continues to show the dedication to the program.


Mike Cook
QIS State Lead
Protective Health Services, Long Term Care
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Phone: 405-271-6868


For more information on this new survey process see information links below.

The Quality Indicator Survey (QIS) Process Video
The goal of the broadcast is to increase participant understanding of the QIS process for surveying nursing homes.
This program is a live presentation that will include some pre-taped segments given by CMS-CO and field experts.


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