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hands behind jail barsJail Inspection Division

The laws of the State of Oklahoma required the Oklahoma State Department of Health to develop standards for jail operation and monitor jail compliance with those standards. Based on Title 74 of the Oklahoma Statutes at Section 192, the Department is required to inspect all city and county jails at least once each year to ensure they follow the standards. The standards adopted based on the law address the following areas:

    admission & release procedures
    security measures
    sanitary conditions
    clothing & living area
    jail staff training
    safety and segregation of women, the infirm, and minors
    medical care
    twenty-four hour supervision
    emergency exits
    inmate education of facility rules
    holding facilities for the incarceration of persons no longer than twelve (12) hours

The Inspection Process

Based on Title 74 of the Oklahoma Statutes at Section 193, inspectors employed by the Department are authorized by law to enter all jail premises and administrative offices to perform their duties. The results of the Department's inspections are provided in a written report to the Commissioner of Health and to the person immediately responsible for the administration of the facility. The report contains:

  1. a list of deficiencies in the condition or operation of the facility and specific proposals for their solution; and
  2. a statement as to whether or not the facility inspected is in substantial compliance with the jail standards.

If the deficiencies listed in the report have not been corrected within sixty (60) days after delivery of the report, the Commissioner of Health is authorized to file a complaint with the Attorney General or the district attorney. The timing of a revisit is dependent on the nature and severity of the deficiencies identified, pending workload, and resources. The Commissioner of Health will extend the time for compliance by reasonable period before filing the complaint based on a good faith effort by the governmental entity involved to correct the deficiencies.

Jail Inspection Laws and Rules

    74 O.S. § 192, Inspection of City and County Jails - Standards 

    74 O.S. § 193, Right of Entry -Report of Inspection

    74 O.S. § 194, Deficient Facility - Closing

    Chapter 670, Jail Standards

   Selected Jail Statutes: A collection of applicable jail laws


   Follow this link for instructions in making a complaint

Jail Facility Letters

    JID2011-01 Department of Corrections (DOC) Medical Protocol (04-22-2011)

    JID2016-01 Jail Standards & Updated Oklahoma Statutes (05-02-2016)

    JID2016-06 Jail Standards Clarification & Updates on Holding Facilities (09-14-2016)

    JID2016-07 Department of Corrections (DOC) Medical Protocol (12-22-2016)


    Jail Incident Report Form  (Word version)  (PDF version)

    Jail Complaint Form  (Word version)  (PDF version)

    Jailer Training Documentation Log  (Word version)  (PDF version)

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Jail Inspection Division
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

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