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Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System

Oklahoma is one of 18 states that participate in the National Violent Death Reporting System. The Oklahoma Violent Death Reporting System (OK-VDRS) collects data on homicides, suicides, deaths due to unintentional firearm injury, legal intervention, or terrorism. Deaths of undetermined manner/intent are also included in the reporting system.

Data are collected from death certificates, medical examiner reports, law enforcement records, and child death review records. Specific information on victims, suspects, weapons, and circumstances surrounding the deaths are included in the database.

During 2004-2008, an average of 911 Oklahomans died each year as a result of violence.

  • Suicide was the leading type of violent death accounting for an average of 527 deaths per year.
    • Depressed mood, intimate partner problems, and physical health problems were the most common circumstances leading to suicide.
  • Homicide was the second leading type of violent death accounting for an average of 217 deaths per year.
    • Arguments, intimate partner violence, drugs, and gang involvement were the circumstances most often associated with homicide.
  • Undetermined manner/intent was the third leading type of violent death accounting for an average of 145 deaths per year.
    • One-third of undetermined manner/intent deaths were among infants less than one year of age. More than three-fourths of these deaths were associated with unsafe sleeping environments.
  • Overall, males were more likely to be victims of violent death than females.
  • Firearms were used to kill in 51% of all violent deaths, including 60% of suicides and 61% of homicides.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health collaborates with the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, and the Oklahoma Child Death Review Board to collect the data.

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