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Occupational Injuries

Occupational Health Indicators

Work-related injuries, deaths, and illnesses substantially impact Oklahoma's civilian workforce of 1.6 million persons. These incidents involve multiple risk factors, including workplace procedures and design, work organization, worker characteristics, economics, and a variety of social factors. Although many of these incidents are preventable, they continue to occur and affect the physical, mental, and economic status of Oklahoma workers and their businesses. By collecting data on the magnitude and occurrence of work-related incidents, prevention programs can be targeted to reduce exposures.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health is funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health to collect fundamental data on occupational hazards, diseases, injuries, and deaths in Oklahoma. Although work-related incidents are likely underreported, information was collected from multiple sources to obtain a more complete profile of important illnesses and injuries affecting Oklahoma's workforce. These indicators serve as an important tool for occupational health surveillance, which is generally inadequate across the U.S. Trends within Oklahoma will be monitored and compared over time to national and other state data and will be used to help inform program and policy planning.

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