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Safety around Firearms

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  • More than one-third of all families have a gun. Even if you do not own a firearm, your friends, family, or neighbors might.
  • More than 40% of families with guns do not keep their guns locked up.

Prevention for Kids

  • If you see a gun:
    • STOP!
    • Do not touch it.
    • Leave the area and tell an adult.
  • If a friend wants to show you a gun, say “No.” Leave the situation and tell your parents what happened.
  • If someone tells you they are thinking of bringing a gun to school, church, practice, etc. or threatens you with a gun – tell your teacher, counselor, or coach as soon as possible!
  • Guns may seem fun in movies or games, but real guns are not toys and can cause serious, permanent injuries or even death.
  • Never play with a gun. Don’t joke about having a gun or shooting someone.
  • Never point a gun at yourself or someone else, even as a joke.

Prevention for Parents

  • Always treat guns as if they might be loaded.
  • Always point guns in a safe direction. This means that even if the gun fired, it could not hurt anyone.
  • Only touch the trigger of a gun if you intend to fire.
  • Always store guns unloaded.
  • Lock guns in a safe, and hide the keys/combination.
  • Store ammunition separately from a gun, and always keep it locked.
  • Take a firearm safety course.
  • Talk to your children about gun safety. Ask if their friends have guns in their homes.
  • Talk to the parents of homes your child may visit. Ask if they own a gun and how it is stored.
  • Do not keep a gun in your home if a family member is suicidal, depressed, potentially violent, or has a mental illness.

Internet Resources

Injury Prevention Service, OSDH, 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Revised November 2012

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