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Firearm Injuries in Oklahoma

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  • On average, at least one person dies every day from a firearm injury in Oklahoma.

  • Approximately 560 Oklahomans die each year from firearm-related injuries:

    • 380 suicides,
    • 150 homicides,
    • 10 deaths due to an unintentional injury from a firearm,
    • 20 deaths due to legal intervention or undetermined intent.
  • 61% of all suicides and homicides are committed using a firearm.

  • Firearm injuries are the third leading cause of injury death in Oklahoma behind motor vehicle crashes and unintentional poisoning.

  • Firearms account for 1 out of every 6 injury deaths among Oklahomans.

  • White people are about 2 times more likely to suicide using a firearm than black people, and 30% more likely to use a firearm to suicide than Native Americans.

    • Nearly 30% of suicide victims express their intent to commit suicide before they attempt it.
  • Black people die 5 times more often due to a firearm-related homicide than Native Americans and 8 times more often than white people.

  • Young males 5-24 years of age are at highest risk of dying due to an unintentional injury from a firearm.

  • Approximately 31% of Oklahomans own a firearm.1

    • Studies indicate that having a firearm in the home increases the risk for firearm-related suicide and homicide in the home.
  • Handguns are used in the majority of firearm deaths.


  • Firearms should be kept in a locked place and bullets locked up in a separate place from the firearms.

  • Use trigger locks, load indicators, and other safety devices.

  • All gun owners should take a firearm safety course.

  • Assure that children and unauthorized persons cannot gain access to guns.

  • If persons are depressed or have expressed their intent to commit suicide, remove firearms from the environment to restrict access to lethal means.

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1Kalesan B, Villareal MD, Keyes KM, and Galea, S. (2015). Gun ownership and social gun culture. Injury Prevention Online First, 29 June 2015. doi:10.1136/injuryprev-2015-041586


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