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Child’s Safety - Two Years

Playground surfaces should be made of soft materials.A 2-year old runs, jumps and climbs anything within reach. There is a high risk of injury because the child knows no fear and does not understand the consequences of actions. Child requires supervision and guidance to reduce injury.

Outdoor Play Safety

  • Watch and help child when playing on slides, swings, and seesaws.
  • Playground surface should be soft, such as chipped rubber, wood chips, or sand.
  • Don’t allow fighting or pushing among children.
  • Equipment should be safe for age group, made of plastic or soft material, and in good repair.
  • Stay with child when riding tricycle.
    • Child must wear an approved well-fitting helmet.
  • Keep alert for strangers or older children.


  • Never allow your child to stand up in stroller, high chair, or shopping cart.
  • Never leave alone on any high surface.
  • Keep chairs, beds, and tables away from windows, even those with screens.
  • Hold your child’s hand on stairs and escalators and teach your child to hold onto handrails.
  • When child can climb out of the crib, change to a low small or youth bed.

Safety Measures if Child Falls

Call doctor, 911, or other emergency number if:

  • Child has possible head, neck, or back injury.
  • There is bleeding from any body area that can’t be stopped with slight pressure.
  • Child has seizure – do not restrain or put anything in mouth, do rescue breathing if child stops breathing.

Call 911/Emergency Number when Child is:

  • Unconscious (not responding).
  • Choking (not responding to Heimlich/abdominal thrusts).
  • Unable to breathe.

Water Safety

  • Keep child away from ponds, ditches, rain barrels, pails.
  • Do not allow running, pushing or dunking at pools.
  • Do not use inflatable toys, floats, or arm bands to keep afloat
    • Supervise at all times, keep within arm’s length.
  • Remove toys from pool after use so the child won’t reach for them and fall in.
  • Do not have siblings or other children watch child for you.
  • Know CPR and how to rescue a child.

Fire and Burn Prevention

  • Keep child away from heaters, fireplaces, hot stoves, and lit candles.
  • Cook on back burners and turn pot handles inward.
  • Do not leave lighters or matches in reach of children.
  • Keep chemicals and cleaners locked and away from your child.
  • Supervise child during family outdoor grill cooking.
  • Maintain smoke alarms, fire extinguisher and fire escape plan.

Safe Environment

  • Stay with child when eating at the table or in a high chair – be prepared if child chokes.
  • Help prevent choking by not giving child hotdogs, hard candy, olives, popcorn, carrots, grapes or nuts.
  • Keep children away from plants and stoves.
  • Know CPR and first aid – obtain a first aid kit.
  • Make sure used cribs, safety seats, and playpens meet current safety standards.

Injury Prevention Service, OSDH, 1000 NE 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Revised September 2012

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