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Historical Nursing Home Occupancy Reports

Occupancy reports prepared by the Oklahoma State Department of Health for
the period from to January 2001 to June 2004 are available through the links below. These reports were based on monthly reports submitted by nursing facilities to the Oklahoma State Department of Health. Prior versions of these reports are available through the Publications Clearinghouse of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries or from office archives on request. These types of reports are not available after May 2004.

2001 2002 2003 2004
January January January January
February February February February
March March March March
April April April April
May May May May*
June June June  
July July July  
August August August  
September September September  
October October October  
November November November  
December December December  

 *HB 2723 that was signed and effective the week of June 7, 2004 eliminated the traditional Nursing Home Occupancy Report therefore the May 2004 report is the last report of this type for nursing facilities. See the Nursing Home Occupancy Reports page for recent reports based on Quality of Care reports submitted to the Oklahoma Health Care Authority. Contact the Health Resources Development Service for more information: 1000 N.E. 10th, Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1207, telephone (405) 271-6868.


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