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Health Resources Development Service 

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The Health Resources Development Service performs health protection and public assurance functions in the following program areas: Health Facility Systems, Managed Care Systems, Nurse Aide and Non-technical Services Workers Registry,  Home Care Administrator Registry, and Jail Inspection Division.  Registries, laws, rules, status reports, applications and forms are available for reviewing and downloading. 

The Health Facility Systems receive and process license and renewal applications for Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Centers, Adult Day Care Centers, Residential Care Homes, Continuum of Care Facilities, and Specialized Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Developmental Disabilities* or Alzheimer’s disease. The program also administers the certificate of need regulations for nursing facilities and psychiatric and chemical dependency facilities.

The Nurse Aide and Nontechnical Services Workers Registry reviews and approves nurse aide training and testing programs; maintains the State’s registry for providers to confirm the employment eligibility of nurse aides and nontechnical services workers; and, reviews and approves curriculum for activity director and social services director courses.

The Managed Care Systems certifies workplace medical plans under the Workers’ Compensation Act and independent review organizations. The program administers the quality review process for Health Maintenance Organizations.

The Home Care Administrator Registry certifies home care administrators, maintains the administrator registry and ensures standards for administrator preparedness programs.

*The Jail Inspection Division inspects all city and county jails at least once each year to ensure they follow the standards for jail operation.


*Due to technical difficulties the link is currently unable.  For the current forms and updates please contact the Department.  Our contact information is listed below.   We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Contact Information
Health Resources Development Service
Oklahoma State Department of Health
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117
Phone: (405) 271-6868
Fax: (405) 271-7360
E-mail: Click here!


* The following terms have been replaced in accordance with CMS guidance and Oklahoma Statutory authority as follows:

1. ‘‘the Mentally Retarded;" ‘‘Mentally Retarded Persons;’’ and ‘‘Mentally Retarded Individuals’’ With ‘‘Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities’’
2. ‘‘Mentally Retarded or Developmentally Disabled’’ With ‘‘Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities or Developmental Disabilities’’

Federal and State requirements may be viewed from the links below:

Federal Register (77 FR 29003, 29021-29022, 29028)

42 CFR Section 400.203

Social Security Act, Section 1905(d)

Title 25 Oklahoma Statutes Section 40

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where do I make a complaint about nursing, assisted living, residential, or adult day care facilities?
A: Email ltccomplaints@health.ok.gov or view the related topic links below.

Q: Where can I view inspection reports?
A: View the related topic links below.

Q: Where do I file the application for license or certificate of need?
A: All applications that include a fee payment must be received and receipted at Health Facility Systems P.O. Box 268823 Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8823

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