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Trauma Fund Refunds

Information Regarding Refunds To the Trauma Care Assistance Revolving Fund

OAC 310:669-5-4 Amendment states:

(b) A distribution entity may also receive an additional collection(s) for care treated as uncompensated on a prior request for distribution report.
(c) When a late collection(s) or an audit or its appeal results in revising data filed in accordance with OAC 310:669-5-1 and 5-2, the distribution entity shall report to the Department according to Department guidelines. Any additional monies received from other sources of funding for a case that was reimbursed by the Trauma Fund must be returned to the Fund and applied towards future disbursements.
[Source: Added at 17 Ok Reg 3465, eff 8-29-2000(emergency); Added at 18 Ok Reg 2047, eff 6-11-20011; Amended at 22 Ok Reg 2440, eff 7-11-2005; Amended at 24 Ok Reg 2025, eff 6-25-2007] Emergency 14


Refunds can be identified through multiple ways, and must be directed to the appropriate accounts to ensure input of Funds:
1)  Identification by provider in the regular course of business

       Attn: Trauma Fund Refund (#5810100-REF)    
Oklahoma State Department of Health
        PO Box 268823
        Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299

2)  Identification through the Oklahoma Trauma Fund Audit:

        Attn: TF Audit (#5810100-AUD)
Oklahoma State Department of Health
        PO Box 268823
        Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299


       Payments from the Trauma Fund Audit must be accompanied with Overpayment Notice from the Auditors to ensure the provider receives the appropriate credit.  Failure to provide appropriate documentation may cause a disruption in future payments from the Trauma Fund.


For inquiries, please contact esystems@health.ok.gov or call us at 405-271-4027




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