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1.  Listing of Recipients-please click the "Year-Month" (eg. "2015 April") below for the respective distribution report.

Effective October 2014, Hospital and EMS eligible applicants will receive their reimbursements in monthly installments.  This report will be updated as monthly payments are made Physician providers will continue to receive their reimbursements biannually, as reflected in the report.  

2.  Summary of Distributions from SFY 2011 to SFY 2015, as of 04/22/2015

Special Announcements
01/26/2016-Updated for TF 2015 October 4th Installment.

12/17/2015-Updated for TF 2015 October 3rd Installment.

09/21/2015-Updated for TF 2015 April-6th Installment Payment.

08/12/2015-Updated for TF 2015 April 5th Installment payment.

06/09/2015 Updated for TF 2015 April 3rd Installment payment.

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