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Trauma Fund Applications



Claim Date

Application Status*

TF 2012 October Jan 1, 2011 – Jun 30, 2011


TF 2013 April Jul 1, 2011 – Dec 31, 2011


TF 2013 October Jan 1, 2012 – Jun 30, 2012


*Application Status:

Distributed = Eligible reimbursements have been distributed to the applicants.

Processing = No longer accepting any applications and currently processing applications for eligibility.

OPEN = Currently accepting applications for the corresponding distribution. Click to access/download needed Application Package items.

Closed = Not currently accepting any applications

Applying for Trauma Fund

To apply for reimbursement from the Trauma Fund, you must submit a completed application package by the designated deadline. Each application deadline is stated in the Letter of Invitation for EMS, Hospital and Physician providers. Note that deadlines may differ for the each provider type. Each distribution will have a specific time frame to submit applications (identified as OPEN status). Once the application time frame has passed, claims for the corresponding time period of trauma care provided will no longer be considered.


To download items for your Application Package:

  1. Click on OPEN in the table above, under Application Status heading.
  2. Identify your provider type (EMS, Hospital or Physician).
  3. Select the correct section.
  4. Download the items you need by clicking item/s.


Note: Access to Application Package items are not available when there is no OPEN Application Status. You will not be able to download any documents for submission to the Trauma Fund during this time. If you need to access any application documents during this time, please email your request to: 
janaf@health.ok.gov .

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PHYSICIAN APPLICANTS:  We will no longer be sending Trauma Fund Invitation letters to Physicians.You must access the link within the Physician Invitation Letter and subscribe to the web page notification system.In the future, you will be sent an email any time updates are made to the web page, such as application due date and required documents.

For inquiries or more information on the application process, email esystems@health.ok.gov , or contact Jana Davis, janaf@health.ok.gov .


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