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Trauma Transfer and Referral Centers (TReC)

The establishment of Trauma Transfer and Referral Centers was established by statute, OS §63-1-2530.8.  – Rule: OS 310:641-3-130 In Oklahoma this program is known as TReC.


This requirement is for communities with = or > than 300,000 in population.


TReC establishes that ambulance services transporting pre-hospital patients or transferring patients’ inter-facility must contact the Trauma Transfer and Referral Center if their destination hospital is within:

  1. Oklahoma County or communities that are contiguous to it including Mustang, Norman and Yukon.  These are Oklahoma Trauma Regions 6 and 8. 
  2. Tulsa County. This is Oklahoma Trauma Region 7.


Pre-hospital patients or transferring patients inter-facility must contact TReC before entering into these counties and communities.



  1. Ensure patients go directly to the most appropriate facility
  2. Reduce over-triage and under-triage
  3. Preserve highest-level resources for the most severely injured
  4. Help to limit demands on scarce specialists.


To accomplish this TReC will:

  1. Receive calls on all trauma patients being transported into Region 7 and 8 by ambulance including:
  2. Pre-hospital direct patient transports
  3. Ambulance initiated data reporting of Interfacility transports
  4. Hospital requested “facilitation” of patient transfers
  5. Ensure trauma patients from anywhere in the state inbound to facilities in region 7 or 8 are directed to facilities with appropriate clinical capacity and capability.
  6. Record each transport for quality improvement review


Contract TReC at 1-888-658-7262 or 1-866-778-7262.


Emergency Systems
1000 NE 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1207
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