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 2015 National Registry Pass/Fail Results

 2014 National Registry Pass/Fail Results 

 2013 National Registry Pass/ Fail Results 

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Oklahoma Approved EMS Curriculum

Emergency Medical Responder 
2011 Oklahoma EMR Guidelines
Oklahoma FR to EMR Transition Course
2012 National EMR Instructor Guidelines
Oklahoma FR to EMR Course Outline


Emergency Medical Technician 
2011 Oklahoma EMT Guidelines
Basic Curriculum Outline of Minimum Requirements Refresher
Oklahoma Basic to EMT Transition Course
2012 National EMT Instructor Guidelines 
Oklahoma EMTB to EMT Course Outline 


Intermediate - I/85 
EMT Intermediate Curriculum Outline of Minimum Requirements 
EMT Intermediate Curriculum Outline of Minimum Refresher Requirements
Oklahoma I-85 to AEMT Transition Course
Oklahoma I-85 to AEMT Instructor Guidelines


Advanced EMT
2011 Oklahoma Advanced EMT Guidelines
National AEMT Instructor Guidelines


2011 Oklahoma Paramedic Guidelines
National Paramedic Instructor Guidelines

Paramedic Curriculum Outline of Minimum Refresher Requirements
Oklahoma EMT-P to Paramedic Transition Course

Emergency Medical Services - Children
EMSC Pediatric Curriculum 
EMSC Pediatric Curriculum Refresher
EMSC Pediatric Curriculum Student Outline
Pediatric Trauma Score Lecture Notes


The 2004 Trauma Triage Training on the OSDH website has been replaced by the Oklahoma Trauma Education Program (OTEP) DVD, slideshow, and EMS Modules.  The OTEP slideshow and modules can be found  at the following link:


Please contact Emergency Systems at 405-271-4027 if you need a copy of the DVD or if you have questions.

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