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Applications for Service - Agency


*    Emergency Medical Service - Ground Agency

*    Emergency Medical Service - Air Agency

*    Emergency Medical Service - Stretcher Aid Van

*    Emergency Medical Service - Specialty Care

*    Emergency Medical Response Agency

   Pre-hospital EMRA
    Pre-hospital EMRA's will operate as part of an Emergency Medical System, responding to requests for service within a response area, 
    supporting and being supported by a licensed ambulance service

   Event Stand-by EMRA
    Event Stand-by EMRA's will operate or contract for on-site medical care at locations that are open to the public or that will respond to the public. 
    These types of EMRA's are certified to standby at a location or site and provide medical care to the public.

Amending a license:

OAC 310:641-3-14 (b)  states “Any change in the name of the service, level, service area, addition of substation, or type of service shall necessitate an application to amend the license and shall be accompanied by a fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00).”   To apply for an amended license complete Section 1 of the application AND all other sections that are being amended.  For example, if an agency  is amending the level of care from  basic to  paramedic then section 1 AND section 3 should be completed.  If you have any questions, please contact Emergency Systems at 405-271-4027 or esystems@health.ok.gov.  

**Change of Ownership exception – a complete license application is required for a change of ownership as this requires a new license.**

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