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Drug, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Compressed Medical Gases,Shipping and Receiving Products or Materialsand Health Fraud

This program was created by statutory authority and regulations. A Memorandum of Understanding exists between the Federal Drug Administration; the State Attorney General's Office and this Department which addresses responsibility for Health Fraud investigations. Its mission is to provide for the safe manufacture, processing and wholesale distribution of drugs (primarily over-the-counter drugs), cosmetics, and medical devices, and to protect the public from health fraud, including fraudulently labeled and advertised products. Program staff develop, write, implement and interpret rules, issue licenses to establishments for which there is statutory authority, track statistical data, provide for enforcement of establishments not in compliance, train industry and consumers in manufacturing practices, meet with consumer advisory committees, and provide technical assistance as necessary. Consumer Health Service personnel perform on-site inspections of the establishments.

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Location and Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Consumer Protection Division
PO Box 268815                  
Oklahoma City, OK 73126 

Physical Location:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Consumer Protection Division
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Contact Information:
Phone: (405) 271-5243
Fax:     (405) 271-5286
Email:  CHSLicensing@health.ok.gov

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