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Public Bathing Place Annual Licenses

Current licenses should be maintained and on display or available for review at the public bathing place venue.

Initial Application

An initial application will only be issued at the time of a final inspection or during an ownership change. Initial application forms are completed and signed by the inspector and issued to the owner.  It is the owner’s responsibility to send a copy of the paperwork into the State Department of Health with payment within four (4) business days of issuance.


Public Bathing Place licenses must be renewed annually.  A courtesy renewal reminder will be mailed out to the last known address; however, it is still the responsibility of the owner to submit payment.

The licensee should always include either a copy of the renewal form or a copy of the current license with the payment to ensure the payment is applied appropriately and timely.  Fees mailed without supporting documentation may delay the processing of the renewal application.

Payments postmarked thirty (30) days after expiration will be subject to an additional fee equal to half (50%) of the current renewal fee. For example, if the license renewal fee is $75, then at 30 days or more late, the required amount owed would be ($75 renewal + $37.50 late fee) a total of $112.50.

Payments postmarked ninety (90) days or more after expiration must pay an amount equal to the initial license fee for a new establishment. For example, if the initial license fee is $125, then at 90 days or more late, the required amount owed would be a total of $125.  

Renewals may be mailed to:

Consumer Health Service
PO Box 268815                  
Oklahoma City, OK 73126 



Location and Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Consumer Health Service
PO Box 268815                  
Oklahoma City, OK 73126 

Physical Location:
Oklahoma State Department of Health
Consumer Health Service
1000 N.E. 10th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73117

Contact Information:
Phone: (405) 271-5243
Fax:     (405) 271-5286
Email:  CHSLicensing@health.ok.gov


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