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Newborn Screening Specimen Reports

Transit time is defined as the time from collection of the blood specimen to the time of receipt in the OSDH Public Health Laboratory (PHL).  Specimens must arrive at the PHL no later than 48 hours after collection.


         Transit Time Reports                                            Unsatisfactory Specimen Reports

2018 2019 2020     2018 2019  2020    
January January January     January January January    
February February February     February February February    
March March March     March March March    
First Quarter                  
April April April     April April April    
May May May     May May May     
June June June     June June June     
Second Quarter                  
July July July     July July July     
August August August     August August August     
September September September     September September September     
Third Quarter                  
October October October     October October October     
November November November     November November November     
December December December     December December December     
Fourth Quarter                  


 If you need historical Transit Time or Unsatisfactory Specimen Reports please contact us.


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