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Vaccines for International Travel 

This section is intended to direct you to sources of information on vaccines recommended and/or required for travel outside the United States.

It is very important to visit a doctor before you travel.

Preparing to travel internationally? (CDC web site) People of all ages need to be up-to-date on vaccinations.

Vaccinations for International Travel (CDC web site)

International Travel Clinics & Pharmacies in Oklahoma

Travel Notices: Polio, Avian Influenza, etc.from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Travel web site (CDC web site)

Current Vaccination Criteria for U.S. Immigration (CDC web site)

People entering the U.S. as visitors are not required to provide proof of vaccination regardless of the length of stay. See Ask the Experts for more information.

All Travelers 6 Months of Age and Older Should Be Protected from Measles 

  • Infants 6 through 11 months of age should receive one dose of MMR vaccine before departure.
  • All other children 12 months of age and older, teenagers, and adults born after 1957 should have a documented record of 2 doses of MMR vaccine separated by at least 28 days or other evidence of immunity to measles as listed below.

Contact a Clinic or Pharmacy for Travel Vaccines

.International Travel Clinics & Pharmacies in Oklahoma

  • These are the only locations in Oklahoma where travelers can obtain yellow fever vaccine
  • After receiving yellow fever vaccine you will be issued an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis (ICVP).
  • You must have an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis with you in order to enter, exit, or transit countries requiring yellow fever vaccination.
  • Other vaccines which are not required by international health regulations but which are strongly recommended for travel to certain countries are also available at the international travel clinics.
  • Some of the vaccines recommended for travel to other countries are also routinely recommended for children and adults living in the United States and these vaccines may be available from your regular doctor or clinic.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health Immunization Service does not provide consultation regarding  vaccines recommended or required for travel outside the United States.

Evidence of Measles Immunity for International Travelers Consists of One of the Following: 

  1. Birth before 1957, 
  2. Documented administration of 2 doses of live measles virus vaccine (MMR, MMRV, or measles vaccines),
  3. Laboratory (serologic) proof of immunity, or
  4. Documentation of physician-diagnosed measles.

Vaccines Recommended for All Travelers Regardless of Destination: 

  • Most vaccinations are not required under International Health Regulations, but are strongly recommended to protect the health of the traveler.
  • Every traveler needs to be up-to-date according for their age with the routine childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccines.  
  • The diseases these vaccines protect against are now rare or nonexistent in the United States, but they are still common in other areas of the world.
  • The following schedules list the routine childhood, adolescent, and adult vaccines


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