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Bid Opportunities
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Below is a list of the current solicitation requests available at the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Each solicitation's web page includes the date deadlines to submit questions, the deadline to submit your bid or proposal, and all related documents.  If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Buyer listed at the bottom of the solicitation's web page or contact Purchasing at (405) 271-4043.

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OMES IT Solicitation Page

OMES Central Purchasing Solicitation Page

OMES Vendor Registration

Oklahoma Tax Exempt Letter

RFQ 3400020578 proficiency testing samples utilized by the PHL
ITB 3400001665 Restriping & Painting of OSDH Parking Garage
ITB 3400020481 Carpet Installation & Removal
ITB 3400020481 Carpet/ITB
ITB 3400001659 Maintenance & service for Millipore water purification systems
ITB 3400001658 Restriping & Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage


ITB 3400001651 SSS-Printing 9 Brochures
ITB 3400001653 Maintenance & Service for OSDH Millipore water purification system
ITB 3400001649 Restriping and Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage
ITB 3400001649 Restriping & Painting of the OSDH Parking Garage
RFP 3400001648 Genetic Counseling & Sweat Testing on Newborns in Tulsa, OK
RFQ Printed Clipboards for Injury Prevention Services
RFP 3400001642 REBID - Sweat Testing on Newborns in Oklahoma City, OK
RFQ 3400001638 Promotional Items for "Get the Lead Out" Campaign
RFQ 3400001645 Diagnostic Test Kits
RFQ 3400001646 Lab Refrigerators
RFP 3400001642 Sweat Testing for Newborns in Oklahoma City, OK
RFP 3400001639 OERSSIRF
RFP 3400001641 5-yr. State Action Plan for Rape & Prevention Education
RFP 3400001640 1st Time Perpetration of Sexual Violence Prevention
RFQ 3400001633 Laboratory Diagnostic Testing Supplies
RFQ 3400001632 Printing 12 WIC Brochures
ITB 3400001631 Biomedical Equipment
ITB 3400001623 Pallet Wrapping Machine
ITB 3400001622 Morgue Trailers-Replace AC Units
RFQ 3400001630 Second-Tier NBS Testing
ITB 3400001621 Cold Pallet Covers
ITB 3400001627 Pharmaceuticals: Contraceptives
RFQ 3400001620 Gonorrhea Testing
ITB 3400001619 Filter Paper for Specimen Collection Metabolic Disorder Screening Kits
ITB 3400001615 Audiometers and Accessories
RFQ 3400001613 Specimen Extraction Reagents
ITB 3400001612 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinets
RFP 3400001611 Community Connector Services in Oklahoma County
ITB 3400001601 Safe Sleep Kits
ITB 3400001596 Rape Prevention Evaluator Services
RFP 3400001590 OERSSIRF
ITB 3400001589 Neonatal Galactose Transferase (GALT) Test Kits
RFQ 3400001588 Miscellaneous Diagnostic Testing Supplies
ITB 3400001581 Refrigerator, Freezer, Centrifuge & Incubator Maintenance Agreement
ITB 3400001580 Neonatal Galactose Transferase (GALT) Test Kits
ITB 3400001570 MCH Train The Trainer Trainings
RFQ A005338 OKLA Project Launch "I Feel" Exhibit
ITB 3400001569 Oklahoma Newborn Metabolic Disorder Screening Kits
RFP 3400001557 FQHC Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline
ITB 3400001565 Audiometers and Accessories
ITB 3400001542 Biological Medical Testing Services
RFP 3400001537 Community Based Education on Nutrition/Activity/Oral Health/Tobacco at OKLA Elem. Schs.
ITB 3400001536 Diagnostic test kits for MALDI Biotyper CA System
RFQ 3400001534 Agilent QPRC System Maintenance/Support
RFP 3400001528 Primary Prevention Activities to Decrease 1st Time Perpetration of Sexual Violence

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