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Bid Opportunities
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Below is a list of the current solicitation requests available at the Oklahoma State Department of Health.  Each solicitation's web page includes the date deadlines to submit questions, the deadline to submit your bid or proposal, and all related documents.  If you have any questions or need more information, contact the Buyer listed at the bottom of the solicitation's web page or contact Purchasing at (405) 271-4043.

Associated Links:

OMES IT Solicitation Page

OMES Central Purchasing Solicitation Page

OMES Vendor Registration

Oklahoma Tax Exempt Letter


RFQ 3400001468 Solid Waste Trash Service

ITB 3400001459 LC-MS/MS Testing for CAH

RFP 3400001456 WIC Clinic Bid Ellis County

RFP 3400001452 Diabetes LifeStyle Coaching Training

RFQ 3400001447 Public Health Lab Steam Sterilizer

RFP 3400001429 REBID Quality Improvement Workshop Training

RFP BP5 HOSPTIAL RFG Terms & Conditions

RFP BP5 EMS RFG Terms & Conditions

ITB 3400001437 - Analyze Blood Samples for Lead

RFQ 3400001431 - Lead Testing

RFP 3400001430 - OERSSIRF

RFP 3400001429 - Quality Improvement Workshop Training

RFP 3400001428 - Oklahoma County Community Connector

RFP 3400001414 - Speaker Contract - Topic: Sports Concussion Prevention Program

RFQ 3400001422 - Diagnostic Testing Equipment for Public Health Lab

RFQ 3400001417 - Diagnostic Testing Equipment for Public Health Lab

RFP 2016 Advanced Directive Registry

RFP 3400001413 - Prevention Activities to Reduce 1st Time Perpetration of Sexual Violence

RFQ 3400001409 - Printing Services 6 Brochures

ITB 3400001408 - Filter Paper for Specimen Collection




Archived Bid Opportunities




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