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How To Schedule a Video Production Project

1. Contact the Video Studio to schedule a meeting with us.

2. Meet with us to discuss what you want to accomplish as well as the viability of what you want in the finished product.

3. Write your script and submit to the studio. We will make suggestions for changes that need to be made before you submit your final script. We can help in script writing if you desire.

4. Schedule a day(s) and location for the shoot.

5. After the shoot we will then edit your shoot into a rough cut for your approval.

6. Desired changes are made to the cut if any.

7. Final cut is submitted for approval.

8. Once approved, you are given the final product to distribute as you need.


Cost - This service is offered at no cost. However, you will be responsible for providing any videotape, DVDs, travel expense and any other incidental expenses that may be incurred. Since we have a limited staff, we must limit our services to OSDH only.


Closed Captioning - The state of Oklahoma has enacted legislation that requires video projects prepared for distribution to be "closed" or "open" captioned to benefit the hearing impaired. We do not have the equipment or resources in-house to do captioning. We can put in touch with production  houses that offer that service. The cost for such a procedure usually runs about $7 or $8 per captioned minute. That is just a ballpark figure and prices can change.

Some productions (such as productions to be distributed via the Internet) may only need a transcript instead of full closed captioning. Please visit with us to find out if your production fits those criteria before making arrangements.


Broadcast Quality - Although our capabilities have been greatly enhanced, we are still operating with a limited staff and limited resources and are not capable of mounting a full-scale professional project. You will need to go outside of the agency for such projects. A rule of thumb is that it will cost somewhere between $1500 - $5000 per finished minute for a video project.


Preparation - Preparing well for a the project will make everything that follows flow so much smoother. It's what is called "pre-production" in the business. Do the pre-production well and you set yourself up for success.


At the shoot - The person in charge of the project needs to be the liaison/contact on site. They should only invite those that are helping directly with the production. Each person at the shoot should have a defined job. All others should wait for the final product.


Caveat - Due to limited staff and resources we cannot promise quick turnarounds or emergency, last-minute projects. Your project needs to be planned out in as much detail as possible, allow for as little surprise as possible, and planned as far in advance as possible. 


Borrowing Equipment - If you just need something recorded for the sake of archiving with no production values needed, we do loan equipment. If our equipment is damaged while in your care, your division may be asked to replace it.




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