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Tips for Viewers in the Counties

  • Be responsible. If you wish to attend a videoconference, it is your duty to make sure that you meet the deadlines. If you fail to sign up by the deadline, you will not be included in the videoconference.
  • Do not contact the OSDH studio concerning sign up for a videoconference. You should contact the event coordinator of your conference for sign-up information.
  • Leave the lights on in your room for the duration of the conference. We know it's tempting to turn out the lights, watch the videoconference and relax. But the presenters want to be able to see who they are talking with. We here at the Central Office assume that if your lights are out, then you are not in the room and thus may not receive credit for having attended. Even when you're not on screen, we can see your room and if it's dark the instructors assume you answered roll call and then left.
  • Assume you are always on screen. Assume that your microphone is always on. Follow those two simple rules and you will save yourself from embarrassment or worse. Don't do anything you wouldn't want the rest of the state to see (sleeping, etc.) and don't say anything you wouldn't want the entire state to hear you say (personal information, slander, etc.).
  • Do not touch the camera or move it. Videoconference systems are expensive and precise pieces of equipment. Touching the camera/system cold possibly result in damaging the videoconference system. Do not turn the camera so that we can't see you or put anything over the camera to block its view. If this happens, we give you one on-screen text warning. If you continue, we will disconnect you and you will not receive credit for attendance. If you damage any of the videoconference equipment due to negligence, disciplinary action may be taken.


Muting Microphones:

Your microphone is already muted when we connect to you. Please leave them muted unless you are verbally interacting with the conference. Failure to mute the microphones (and keep them muted) is a continuing problem. We can't stress strongly enough that you should always remember to keep your microphone muted.


Microphone Placement:

Before you connect to a conference, please place your microphone on the table near the users. Failure to do so may result in your questions not being heard. Besides better sound pickup from your group, this will also keep audio feedback from happening. Don't drag, drop, slide, or tap on the microphone while connected to a videoconference. It is very annoying to the other participating sites.


Revised on 12-8-15


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