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Scheduling A Videoconference


1. You can begin by either emailing/phoning Jay Burgess or Damon Cook to check availability or you can fill out the Videoconference Scheduling Request form and email it to us. In all subsequent communication about your videoconference, include both Jay, Damon, yourself, and the other videoconference coordinator in all emails to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

The form can be found in the OSDH Video Forms section of this site or by emailing Jay and Damon.

2. Have your participants schedule the videoconference equipment and room with the person/people responsible for the videoconference equipment at their county health department.

Here's an example, fill-in-the-blanks email you can copy and paste to send to your participants:

In order to participate in this videoconference you must schedule the use of the videoconference equipment at the site you wish to use. You must then reply to the Event Coordinators that you have done so. The Event Coordinators for this videoconference is NAME. You must reply to NAME no later than COB on XDATE or you will not be included in this videoconference.

Staff who may want to attend include...


3. When the participants schedule the videoconference equipment and room, they need to email the event coordinators and let them know that they wish to participate in the conference. The event coordinator compiles a list of participating sites.

  • 35 sites are the most we can accommodate for one conference. This may necessitate you having more than one session.


4. Confirming your videoconference. Your videoconference MUST be confirmed via email the day before the videoconference. If it is not confirmed with us then you DO NOT have a videoconference. 

A few days before your confirmation is due you will receive an email with the Confirmation Form attached. Fill out this form and email it back to Jay and Damon NO LATER THAN NOON on the day before the conference, or Friday by noon if your videoconference occurs on Monday. In order for us to assure all sites receive the best service possible, we need to adhere to this deadline. No exceptions! If we don't receive your form by noon the day before your videoconference, we will assume that it has been cancelled.

Alternatively, please refrain from sending your form early. When forms are sent early there is almost always someone who wants to be added to the conference after the form has been finalized. Once we receive the form we consider it final and will not make additions.

The only time sending your list early is acceptable is if you are going to be gone on the day of the deadline. However, you can send your list early but delay its delivery until the morning of the deadline. In your email click on the tab that says Options and then click Delay Delivery at the top. This will open a window where you can set the delivery time for your email.


This has been a brief step-by-step explanation of how to schedule a videoconference. But scheduling is only part of the process. Once your conference is scheduled, there are other procedures you need to follow in order for your participants to have a good videoconference experience. Please use the navigation menu to the left and go to the next page to learn how to have the best videoconference experience possible for you and your participants.



Revised on 12-8-15

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