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Staying Warm Video Script
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I’m Larry Weatherford with the Oklahoma State Department of Health with a few simple tips about staying warm when your power is out.

If you’re watching this, it’s probably on a smart phone, so we’ll keep it quick to preserve your battery…

Your power is out and you need to know how to keep warm...

If it’s safe to travel, your best bet is to go stay with family, friends or maybe even at a shelter set up to deal with the power outage.

If you are over age 60 or so, you’re going to have more trouble staying warm.  Don’t be foolish or stubborn, if you need to, have someone come get you NOW, don’t wait – you’ll only get colder.

The first rule if you want to stay put; don’t get too creative with trying to stay warm.

Layers of clothing and a warm comforter are your best options.

Here are some bad options that could lead to a fire or Carbon Monoxide poisoning. 

Don’t use your gas oven or range.  They are for cooking; not heating and you might end up with a fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Don’t bring in the grill from the backyard.  Without proper venting, you’re just asking to be found dead the next morning by your neighbors.

Don’t even think about using charcoal in your house, even in your fireplace.  It doesn’t vent like logs do and you will once again risk an unfortunate end.

Remember, Carbon monoxide is an invisible and odorless gas that can kill you.  You should have a battery-operated Carbon Monoxide alarm and smoke alarm inside the house.

And while I’m talking about fireplaces, if you haven’t used yours in years, this might not be the time to find out that birds or squirrels have set up household in the chimney.  If you don’t know that it works well and is clean, don’t choose now to find out.  The fire department is probably very busy right now with people who did not watch this video.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health reminds you, that your best bet is to go somewhere warm if you can travel and if you can’t, dress in layers and don’t risk fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.  More information is available on our website at www.health.ok.gov

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