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News Release Template for CHDs, Turning Point and CX Contacts Response to Gov’s Order

Date:               _____
Contact:           _____

_____ Applauds Governor’s Tobacco Ban

(_____ County Health Department Administrator/Turning Point Coordinator/Communities of Excellence Grant Coordinator) _____ said today that Gov. Mary Fallin’s Executive Order to ban tobacco use on all state properties is a historic announcement that sets the stage for continued proactive efforts to improve the health of _____ County residents.

“We stand ready to assist in providing any local resources that will help state agencies implement this order in _____ County,” _____ said.

_____ noted that his/her organization has a number of programs in place to inform and educate the public about the toll tobacco use takes on all _____ County residents, and to provide cessation assistance. These projects include: (fill in here local efforts to support healthy communities, including 24/7 tobacco-free schools, campuses, businesses, career techs, cessation assistance, other outreach…).

“Tobacco use is Oklahoma’s leading cause of preventable death,” said _____. “And when it comes to secondhand smoke, there is no safe level of exposure. Even exposure to the lowest levels of secondhand smoke can increase the risk of heart attack or stroke.”

The financial impact of tobacco is equally sobering. “The annual health care costs in Oklahoma directly caused by smoking exceed $1 billion annually,” said _____. “Each household pays about $548 each year in state and federal taxes from smoking-caused government expenses, whether we smoke or not.”

_____ said state employees in _____ County will join these businesses and campuses that have already implemented tobacco-free worksites: (list local businesses/worksites/campuses).

For more information about the governor’s executive order banning tobacco use on all state properties, visit www.health.ok.gov. For tobacco cessation assistance, visit www.okhelpline.com or call 1-800-Quit-Now (1-800-784-8669).



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