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Fill–in-the-Blank County Health Department News Release
Regional Child Guidance Centers Offer Services

For Release: _______
Contact: __________
Telephone: ________

Regional Child Guidance Center Services Offered at the ___ County Health Department

The _____ County Health Department announced today the completion of the reorganization of the Child Guidance program in _____ County, which is one of 16 regional Child Guidance Centers located throughout Oklahoma. The Regional Child Guidance Centers will offer screening, evaluation, intervention and consultation services. 

Under the theme “Child Guidance: Where Families Find Solutions,” the _____ County Health Department will serve as a regional hub providing services for the following surrounding counties: (list all counties supported by this regional office.)

Services are targeted for children birth to age 13 and are designed to enhance child development and build healthy family relationships.  Services include early intervention and prevention services for young children and their parents, screening and developmental assessments, identification and treatment of communication disorders, psychological assessment, and intervention and counseling for children and their family.

Services to families include a multi-disciplinary team composed of a child development specialist, speech/language pathologist, and psychological clinician at each regional Child Guidance Center.  The Child Guidance program also provides training for the general public as well as for professionals working with young children and their families.

“We want to make sure everyone is aware that we are continuing to provide Child Guidance services. However, we have streamlined our locations and procedures for accessing our clinicians so that clients can be better served through our specialized services,” said ______ County Health Department Administrator ________.

Fees are charged for Child Guidance services based on a sliding fee scale that assesses family income and size. Families are not denied Child Guidance services or subjected to any variation in quality or delivery of Child Guidance services because of an inability to pay. Child Guidance services are also covered under Sooner Care and the schedule of fees is consistent with Medicaid rates established by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority.

To learn more about the child guidance services available in _____ County, call the _____ County Health Department at (telephone number), or contact them at (insert street address and city), or visit http://cgp.health.ok.gov.



_____ County Health Department

Radio Public Service Announcements

Child Guidance Services


Announcer Read:

Do you have questions about your child’s behavior, development, or language skills?  Visit the _____ County Health Department’s Child Guidance Center -- Where Families Find Solutions! For information call (insert county health department phone number). 



Announcer Read:

Have you noticed any delays or changes in the behavior of your child?  Do you have concerns like “My toddler isn’t speaking.” Or, “My preschooler is having trouble in child care.”  Or, “I wonder if my child is ready for school?”  If so, call the _____ County Health Department’s Child Guidance Center – where families find solutions. Staff will provide age-appropriate screening for communication, developmental, social, emotional or behavioral concerns.  They can help you help your child reach his or her full potential.  For information call (insert county health department phone number).


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