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Fill-in-Blank News Release for County Health Departments

High-dose Flu Vaccine Available

For Release:  _____ 2010
Contact:         (Name/title)
Phone:            (Telephone Number)

The _____ County Health Department continues to provide seasonal flu vaccinations at its clinics scheduled (insert flu clinic schedule).

Of interest to many persons in _____ County is a high-dose flu vaccine available for those who are 65 and older. “This vaccine has four times more antigen than regular flu vaccine and provides more protection for older persons whose immune systems may be less responsive,” said _____, administrative director for the _____ County Health Department. 

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has purchased more high-dose flu vaccine for distribution than any other state health department in the nation, _____ said.

While getting a high-dose flu vaccine at the _____ County Health Department, persons 65 and older and those with chronic health conditions may also want to be vaccinated against pneumococcal pneumonia, a common and potentially serious complication of the flu. “Check with your physician to see if you need this vaccination,” _____ said. “Unlike the flu vaccine, you do not need a pneumococcal vaccine every year.”

_____ reminded the public that this year, there is a $25 fee for flu vaccinations at county health departments. No fee is assessed for those persons who are on Medicare and do not belong to an HMO, persons who are on SoonerCare, and children who qualify for the Vaccines for Children program. Others may be eligible for fee waivers based on income.

Persons enrolled in HealthChoice and the Oklahoma Public Employees – Health and Welfare (OPEHW) insurance programs can present their insurance cards at county health departments and the fee for the vaccine will be roster billed back to HealthChoice and OPEHW.

For more information, contact the _____ County Health Department at (phone number).


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