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Oklahoma Family Week Nov. 22-28, “Connections Count”

Everyone can play a part in preventing child abuse by celebrating Oklahoma Family Week, Nov. 22-28 using the theme “Connections Count” to plan and participate in fun family and community activities. The _______, wants to emphasize that children live better lives when their families are strong, and families are strong when they live in communities that connect them to economic opportunities, social networks, and services. 

“These connections include access to reliable transportation, employment opportunities, education, child care, housing, health care and support from community networks and institutions,” said ______________.

Here are some ways you can make “Connections Count”:

  • Get involved in Oklahoma Family Week activities.
  • Extend your family by meeting your neighbors and having a neighborhood activity.
  • Be a leader by getting involved in a school meeting or activity to improve your child’s education.
  • Coordinate family volunteer projects with other groups in your neighborhood.
  • Select an issue that can improve your community and work with local official and nonprofit agencies to make changes.
  • Encourage employers to consider family friendly work options such as flexible hours and time off to attend school functions.

According to _____, certain protective factors have been identified to reduce risks, build family capacity for growth, and foster resilience against social problems, and to strengthen the family and community. They include nurturing and attachment, knowledge of parenting, child and youth development, parental resilience to stress or crisis, social connections, and support systems for parents.

Oklahoma Family Week provides an opportunity for families to celebrate and build on their relationships within the family as well as focusing on positive reinforcement of social networks, actions and words that build strong, nurturing families,” said _____.

For more information about National Family Week across the U.S., visit www.nationalfamilyweek.org. For information about Oklahoma Family Week see the Oklahoma Family Resource Coalition Web site www.ofrcorg/   or contact: ___________________________________________________________________





Print on your letterhead

Send to radio and TV every other Monday from
late October through Oklahoma Family Week.

"Oklahoma Family Week in Your City"

Local Contact:       Your Name

                             Name of your organization

Phone:                   XXX/XXX-XXXX

Air Dates:              November X - November XX, 200X

Length:      :30 seconds


Celebrate Oklahoma Family Week: Connections Count, November XX-XX.

Join people across the country to honor our families and thank the special people

who strengthen families every day:

  • The employer that has created family-friendly work options.
  • The community leader who works to strengthen families. 
  • The neighborhood organization that bonds families to community.

Oklahoma Family Week is made possible from the work of the Alliance for Children and Families, and the support of The Annie E. Casey Foundation. For more information about planned activities in your city, call your organization at XXX/XXX-XXXX or visit www.ofrc.org.



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