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FOR RELEASE: March 8, 2007
CONTACT: Pamela Williams
Office of Communications

Licensure Now Required for Locksmiths and Others in Security Industry

A March 31 deadline for licensure looms for those companies and individuals engaged in locksmithing, electronic access control systems, nurse call systems, and closed circuit television systems, the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) announced today.

New legislation passed by the Oklahoma Legislature in 2006 amended the Alarm Industry Act to create the Alarm and Locksmith Industry Act. Now, in addition to requiring licensure of those working in the alarm industry, persons who are locksmiths or are engaged in the installation or service of electronic access control systems, nurse call systems and closed circuit television systems must also be licensed, to assure these individuals have met the requirements set forth in the new act.
After March 31, individuals and companies will not be allowed to “grandfather” their application and must complete all prerequisites and pass an examination for licensure as part of the application process.

“Time is running out for individuals engaged in these professions to submit their application packet and fee for licensure before the March 31 deadline,” said Ted Evans, chief of the OSDH Consumer Health Services.

Evans estimated about 2,000 individuals and 500 companies may be affected by the new licensure requirements.

The Alarm and Locksmith Industry regulations can be found on the OSDH Web site at www.health.ok.gov/program/ol/info.html. Additional information can be obtained by calling the agency’s Occupational Licensing Service at 405-271-5779.


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