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FOR RELEASE: April 6, 2005
CONTACT: Pamela Williams
Office of Communications

Governor Launches New Health Initiative
for State Employees at State Capitol Rally Today

“Help build a strong and healthy Oklahoma!” is the public call being made by Gov. Brad Henry to promote employee wellness programs and start new initiatives to help employees stay healthy and set an example for all Oklahomans.

The governor made his comments at a rally today at the State Capitol attended by state employees from throughout the capitol complex.

In coordination with this effort, local county health department employees and other state agencies across the state are scheduling local activities during April to support the governor’s launch of his State Health Initiative for a Strong and Healthy Oklahoma campaign. Public health officials hope these efforts will encourage people to improve their attitudes and lifestyles to get moving toward a state of health in Oklahoma.

“We believe in leading by example,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. Michael Crutcher. “Our employees are taking an ‘extra step’ to encourage people to improve their health by encouraging fun exercise activities and eating healthy, nutritious foods. Healthy families are good for communities, businesses and the entire state’s prosperity by improving quality of life.

“We are continuing our efforts that began in 2003 with the Walk this Weigh campaign, and we hope that Gov. Henry’s initiative will raise public awareness through fun, innovative approaches to reducing weight, increasing physical activity levels, and promoting nutritional and physical activity policies and standards in schools, worksites, healthcare systems, and governmental entities,” Crutcher said.


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