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Fill-in-Blank News Release for County Health Departments

For Release: (Date)
Contact: _____County Health Department
(name/ title)
(telephone number)

_____ County Health Department Relaxes Flu Shot Restrictions

Protection from influenza is now available for more _____ County citizens, the _____ County Health Department announced today.

Adults age 50 and older are now eligible to get a flu shot, as well as household contacts of high priority persons, such as children or adults suffering from severe heart or lung disease or immunosuppressive conditions. In addition, persons who work in critical service professions including police, firefighters, teachers, and health care workers not yet vaccinated, are also eligible to receive the vaccine.

“The Oklahoma State Department of Health expanded its influenza vaccination guidelines to include these new groups so more persons could be protected from influenza,” said _____, _____ County Health Department administrative director.

“Even though our state has had a vaccine shortage like most of the nation, we have now received most of the influenza vaccine we originally ordered. We want to make certain we get this vaccine out as quickly as possible to those who can most benefit from its protection,” _____ said.

____ said no cases of influenza have yet been confirmed in Oklahoma. “However, with the holidays, there will be lots of opportunities for the influenza virus to be transmitted, so we hope those people who are eligible to get the vaccine will take advantage of this opportunity to protect themselves,” s/he emphasized.

To find out more about obtaining an influenza shot, call your health care provider or the _____ County Health Department.


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