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Fill-in-Blank News Release

National Poison Prevention Week is March 17 - 23, 2002

For Release: March __, 2002
Contact: _____, Administrator
_____ County Health Department
_____ Phone

Health Officials Offer Tips to "Poison Proof" Your Home

Each year, unintentional poisonings kill children in Oklahoma, and prompt more than 30,000 calls to the Oklahoma Poison Control Center, according to the _________ County Health Department.

National Poison Prevention Week is March 17-23, 2002. This is a national event for local communities to raise awareness of the dangers of unintentional poisonings and to take preventive measures as needed. The theme is "Children Act Fast…So Do Poisons!". In recognition of this observance the Oklahoma State Department of Health and county health departments are joining other partners in encouraging Oklahomans to "poison proof" their homes.

"In 2001, the leading cause of poisonings reported by the Oklahoma Poison Control Center were cleaning substances, analgesics, and cosmetics/personal care items. The most frequent place of exposure continues to be the child's own residence, said _________ County Health Department Administrator _____________.

Teaching children and their parents the following simple tips on how to prevent poisonings can be effective:

  1. Keep medicines, vitamins and household cleaning products, even those with safety caps out of sight, out of reach, and locked up.
  2. Always store pesticides out of children's reach, in a locked cabinet or storage shed.
  3. Before applying pesticides remove children and pets (and their toys) from the area and keep them away until it is dry or as recommended on the label.
  4. Keep items in original containers and read the label before using.
  5. Avoid taking medicine in front of children. Refer to medicine as "medicine" not "candy".
  6. Use child-resistant packaging properly by closing the container securely after use.
  7. Clean out the medicine cabinet periodically and safely dispose of unneeded and outdated medicines.
  8. Keep a bottle of "Ipecac Syrup" in your home. Ipecac induces vomiting to help clear the system of poison. Only use it if told to do so by the Poison Center or your doctor.
  9. Always leave the light on when giving or taking medicine. Check the dosage every time.
  10. Keep the telephone numbers of the Poison Center and the local hospital readily available.

In case of a poison emergency, call the 24-hour Oklahoma Poison Control Center, 1-800-222-1222, for help.


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