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FOR RELEASE: October 3, 2002
CONTACT: Pamela Williams

Eldercare Conference Seeks to Help Elders Stay in Their Own Homes

“There’s No Place Like Home” is the essence of Eldercare programs throughout the state of Oklahoma, as case managers and program coordinators assist elderly citizens to remain in their homes as safely and independently as possible. That theme emphasizes the types of valuable information to be provided to the public during the 16th Annual Regional Eldercare Aging Conference, Oct. 24-25, 2002, at the Hilton Inn Northwest, 2945 NW Expressway in Oklahoma City. The conference is being hosted by the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH).

During the two-day conference, 25 concurrent workshops will offer attendees a choice of a wide variety of subjects ranging from “The Aging Brain and Memory Loss” to “You Are as Young as Your Spine.”

The conference will feature keynote speakers and workshops involved in the field of Aging. On Oct. 24, Mac McCrory, Ed.D, Director of the OSU Sertean Wellness Center in Stillwater, will speak on “Living a Long and Healthy Life.” On Oct. 25, keynote speakers include State Health Commissioner Dr. Leslie M. Beitsch, who will speak on “Smoking and Its Effect on Oklahomans.”

The conference will also feature Mary Karr-Handley, a motivational speaker from Dallas, who will lead a workshop on “The Importance of Attitude in the Aging Process” and also will speak at the closing luncheon on “Fun and Energetic or Frail and Cranky!”

Some of the workshop topics include: “Adult Protective Services,” “Documentation …the Power of the Pen,” “Working Smarter: Not Harder,” “Building a Coalition on Health and Aging,” “Rural Development,” “Medicare Update,” “Navigating the Labyrinth: A Path to Peace,” and “Improving Independence with Adaptive Dressing Aids.”

Other topics include: “Organizing and Utilizing the Adult Memory Clinic,” “What the Veterans Administration has to Offer its Aging Consumer,” “Community Awareness: Publicizing Your Good Word,” “Challenge, Change and Cheese,” “Using Medication Safely - A Key Ingredient to the Health of Older People,” “Communication,” “That’s Not my Grandma - Transference and Counter-Transference with Elderly,” and “Caring Communications.”

There will also be workshops on: “Poverty and Aging,” “The Importance of Attitude in the Aging Process,” “Increase in Diabetes of the Older Patient,” “Prescription Drug Savings Opportunities,” “Anxiety and Depression in the Geriatric Population,” and “Issues of the Elderly Driver.”

OSDH Eldercare Services are available in 74 counties throughout the state. Registration is still open and the public is encouraged to attend. Registration information is available on-line at www.health.state.ok.us by clicking on “Programs”, “Eldercare”, and “Eldercare Conference Information”. Information is also available by calling 405/271-4026.


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