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Fill-in-Blank News Release For County Health Departments 


The Perils of Parenting - Colic Workshop

For Release: __________
Contact & Phone Number: __________

Babies cry - and some babies cry a lot! This is a simple fact, true, but one that can seem absolutely overwhelming to a new parent who may be dealing with a baby who has colic. These parents may experience high levels of stress and have difficulty coping with their babies' inconsolable crying.

To help these parents learn why their babies cry so much and what they can do to alleviate some of the crying, the _____ County Health Department is offering free workshops on "Colic: Why Babies Have It and What to Do about It."

The workshops are free and will be held at (location, day and time).
For more information, or to enroll in the workshop, contact the _____ County Health Department at (phone number).



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