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FOR RELEASE: September 19, 2002
CONTACT: Pamela Williams

State Board of Health Issues Resolution in Support of Commissioner of Health

At a regular meeting today of the Oklahoma State Board of Health, board members issued the following resolution in support of the work of State Health Commissioner Dr. Leslie Beitsch.

Oklahoma State Board of Health
Resolution - September 19, 2002

Whereas, Dr. Leslie Beitsch is the Commissioner of Health for the Oklahoma State Department of Health, and

Whereas, Dr. Beitsch works at the pleasure of the Board of Health, and

Whereas, Dr. Beitsch was hired during a time of great need for positive leadership and forward thinking in Oklahoma Public Health, and

Whereas, Dr. Beitsch has displayed a great deal of courage, leadership, and tenacity in tackling those tough issues that face the Public Health of Oklahomans, and

Whereas, through it all, Dr. Beitsch has maintained a positive attitude and a willingness to continue despite the opposition,

Now, therefore, let it be resolved that the State Board of Health is in unanimous support of the efforts of Dr. Beitsch, and

Be it further resolved that the State Board of Health stands behind Dr. Beitsch as he leads the Department of Health in its day-to-day activities to improve the health of all Oklahomans.

Beitsch became Oklahoma's Commissioner of Health in June 2001. He oversees 2,500 employees located at the Oklahoma State Department of Health central office in Oklahoma City and in the agency's 69 local county health departments. During his tenure thus far in Oklahoma, Beitsch has been a strong advocate for those efforts that will improve the status of Oklahoma's health, including tobacco use prevention and control.


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