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FOR RELEASE: October 11, 2001
CONTACT: Dick Gunn

OSDH Selects Vendor to Improve Reproductive Health Services in OK

The Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) has selected HealthMETRICS Partners, Inc. of Massachusetts to increase women's access to and the quality of reproductive health services in the state.

“The OSDH Women's Health Service has always been interested in ways to examine clinic efficiency in our health departments,” says Carla Pohl, MS, chief, Women's Health Service, OSDH, Family Health Services. “With our mission of providing the best standard of care to those in need, we are looking for ways we can maximize the potential of our dedicated staff and infrastructure to better serve those who need reproductive health care. HealthMETRICS has worked with similar programs all over the United States and can provide us with strategies and recommendations based not only upon our own data, but also based upon how our colleagues in other states have tailored their service delivery.”

The following four clinical sites have been selected for the project:

  • Jackson County Health Department, Altus
  • Planned Parenthood of Eastern Arkansas and Oklahoma, Tulsa
  • Tulsa City County Health Department, Tulsa
  • Variety Health Centers, Oklahoma City

Pohl said HealthMETRICS has studied reproductive health services provided in more than 100 sites in 27 states and has identified the “Best Practices” for providing those services. Working with the staff of the health centers, HealthMETRICS will compare the outcomes of the Oklahoma sites with the documented, national “Best Practices.”

The project is funded through the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Title X Program.

OSDH provides comprehensive and confidential family planning at more than 100 sites in 73 counties around the state. Contraceptive services, cancer screening, and health promotion services are available to men and women. Cost for services is based on family income and size.


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