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Fill-in-the Blank News Release for County Health Departments

Nurse Practitioner Week

For Release: October __, 2001
Contact: (Administrator’s Name)
             ____________ County Health Department
             (Phone #)

State Officials Acknowledge Nurse Practitioner Week

Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating has proclaimed Nov. 4 – 10, 2001 as Nurse Practitioner Week.  Nurse practitioners are primary health care providers who provide wellness care as well as sick care for their patients.  

“We want to acknowledge the important role that nurse practitioners, working in the public and private sectors, play in protecting the public’s health. It is important to show our appreciation to the medical professionals that are helping fight against the daily threats of injury and disease through an emphasis on prevention, education and self-care,” said (Name of County) County Administrator (Name of Administrator).

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have obtained advanced education and training in order to diagnose and treat common illnesses.  They work with people of all ages and may choose to specialize in pediatrics, geriatrics, family medicine, or women’s health and other specialty areas.  Nurse practitioners order lab tests and other diagnostic work-ups, prescribe medications and initiate referrals for additional services.

Many people choose nurse practitioners as their regular health care providers because of the quality of health care they receive and because their care is highly individualized.  Nurse practitioners ask about patient and family health concerns and explain the details of health problems, medications, and other health issues so that people understand how to take care of themselves. Research studies since 1965 have demonstrated that nurse practitioners provide high quality and cost effective care that results in a high level of patient satisfaction.

Nurse practitioners work in both rural and urban settings, including community health centers, public health departments, hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, physician offices, schools, and industry employee health settings.  Local nurse practitioners are proud of their work with children and their families at the (Name of County) County Health Department.  

The local county health department would like to appreciate the following nurse practitioners by publicly saying “Thank You”:

(List name or names of local nurse practitioners at your county health department. You may wish to combine several counties in the same release depending upon geographic locations and media outlets.)


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