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National Public Health Week, April 2-8, 2001
Media Kit for County Health Departments

The Oklahoma State Department of Health wants to take this opportunity to encourage County Health Departments to use National Public Health Week, April 2 –8,2001, to educate the public about the many important public health services available in local communities.

This packet contains a sample news release, proclamation and public service announcement for County Administrators to use to help get publicity about the good work being done locally and to promote this year’s theme: “Healthy People in Healthy Communities.” Below are some examples of projects tried by other states in past years.

  • Sample activities for National Public Health Week 2001:
    Public Health Poster Contest or Essay Contest
  • Wellness Symposium or Health Fair – with body mass index, blood screenings, immunizations, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, nutrition education, etc.
  • Open House at Public Health Clinic/ Dental Clinic with community sponsors
  • Proclamation by Mayor
  • Media outreach – deliver news releases and public services announcements on to local media or fliers to local businesses about public health services available
  • Safety Clinics – featuring seat belt safety, injury prevention
  • Booth or Table Top Displays
  • Community Walk-a-Thon
  • “Kick Butts Day, April 4, 2001” smoking cessation or youth recruitment for SWAT
  • Appreciation Awards ceremony for Public Health workers and volunteers


Sample Proclamation

National Public Health Week in _____ County

Whereas, over the past 50 years Oklahoma has achieved significant increases in life expectancy and reductions in the incidence of injury, disability and disease;

Whereas, public health is credited with improvements in health status that improved years of life expectancy in Oklahoma by 50 years since the turn of the century through use of population-based strategies for disease and injury prevention leading to declines in illnesses, injuries, chronic and infectious diseases;

Whereas, _________ County Health Department has been actively involved in promoting public health activities that lead to healthier, longer and more productive, quality life and working environments;

Whereas, National Public Health Week in Oklahoma provides the opportunity to learn about public health success stories including overcoming the challenges of polio, smallpox, diphtheria, typhoid fever, reduction in childhood blood lead levels, tooth decay through water fluoridation, and improved outreach efforts to immunize populations, and educate people about nutrition, exercise and health care for all ages;

Whereas, National Public Health Week in Oklahoma provides the opportunity to commend the efforts of the ___________ County Health Department, public and private health care professionals who protect, promote and enhance the health of all citizens in communities across the state of Oklahoma;

Whereas the National Public Health theme “Healthy People in Healthy Communities” encourages individuals to get involved in and start healthy activities in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities to promote healthy lifestyles;

________________________________ proclaims April 2- 8, 2001, as National Public Health Week in Oklahoma and commends this observance to all our citizens.


Fill-in-the-Blank News Release
for County Health Departments

National Public Health Awareness Week, April 2 – 8, 2001

For Release: March __, 2001
Contact: (Administrator)
____________ County Health Department
(Phone #)

What is the Future of Public Health? “Healthy People in Healthy Communities”

Positive changes are happening at the state and community levels in public health care services and programs for communities, according to (name of county) County Health Department Administrator (first and last name). “The future of public health will involve local people in the planning and implementation of public health activities and programs in their communities,” ______ said today.

_____ said Gov. Frank Keating has proclaimed April 2 – 8 as National Public Health Week in Oklahoma. The theme, “Healthy People in Healthy Communities,” emphasizes the importance of individuals starting and getting involved in healthy activities in their homes, neighborhoods, and communities.

So what is public health? Most people are familiar with private health care through making appointments to see their personal physician or health care provider.

However, public health often provides the safety net around us that determines the quality of life of our families and communities.

“Recognition of National Public Health Week in Oklahoma gives us an opportunity to acknowledge the role our county health department has in protecting the health and safety of Oklahomans,” said _____. “As we make changes to improve health care services and access to health care, we hope to measure our successes by seeing improvements in the quality of care and life in the everyday lives of Oklahomans and health trends.”

_____ said public health provides immunizations for children and adults, finds the causes of disease outbreaks and prevents further diseases and infections. Public health enforces policies and procedures that protect the quality of health care and the quality of life. Programs for all ages from infancy to elderly are offered at local county health departments.

_____ said new health care issues will challenge health care professionals, such as drug resistant diseases, terrorism and violence prevention, and other activities requiring research, regulation, monitoring and enforcement. Old issues, not yet resolved, continue to challenge public health professionals, like the problems of monitoring and enforcing quality of care, access to affordable health care, and delivery of health services in rural as well as urban environments.

For more information about the services provided by the _____ County Health Department, or to learn how to get involved in community health issues, call __________________.


Booth Announcer :30 Radio non-dated psa for State and County Health Departments

(FYI – April 2 – 8, 2001 is National Public Health Week)


Public Health… What is it? Some say it is safe food and a healthy living environment.
Some say it is immunizations, well baby care, and services for the elderly.

Public health touches everyone’s life… protecting Americans from infectious
diseases like tuberculosis, hepatitis, and S-T-D-s, or environmental and workplace
hazards, unintentional injuries and violence.

Public health finds better ways to prevent chronic diseases and improve the quality of
life for people with diabetes, heart disease and cancer through better education about
prevention and treatment.

Do your part to stay healthy. Eat right and exercise. A message from the ________
County Health Department and this station.


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