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Fill-in-Blank News Release
For County Health Departments

Flu Vaccine Available

For Release: (Date)
Contact: (Name and Phone Number)

After several weeks of shipment delays, the _____ County Health Department announced today that it has received the remaining doses of flu vaccine ordered for the protection of ____ County citizens this flu season.

Flu vaccine clinics are scheduled at the _____ County Health Department for (date/time/place).

(Optional Quote: “We urge anyone who has not yet had their flu shot to use this opportunity to get one before the flu season is in full swing,” said _____, health department administrator.)

“We are now able to provide the flu vaccine to healthy adults and children 6 months of age and older, as well as persons at high risk for flu complications, which includes people over the age of 65; persons with chronic illnesses, such as diabetes or asthma; pregnant women in their second or third trimester; and health care workers who provide care to at-risk patients, “ _____ said.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health’s statewide flu surveillance system is reporting sporadic activity around the state and has identified two influenza strains:  Influenza A (H1N1) and Influenza B/Yamanashi. This year’s vaccine provides coverage for both of these strains.

(Optional Quote:  “We can also provide a pneumococcal vaccination to persons who are 65 years of age or older, and persons who have heart or lung problems or diabetes,”  _____ said.  “This vaccination protects against pneumococcal pneumonia, which is the most common type of pneumonia resulting in hospitalizations.”)

For more information about obtaining a flu shot or the pneumococcal vaccination, contact the ____ County Health Department at (phone number).


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