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Oklahoma State Department of Health

Press Update

DATE: May 8, 2000
CONTACT: Peggy Wiebener

Jerry Regier, Acting Director, Oklahoma Health Department, has asked for an assessment of each unit within the Special Health Services Division to clarify what duties are performed, who reviews the information and what systemic issues prevail.

He also met with the 50 plus surveyors who monitor the nursing homes and reiterated how serious this investigation is and encouraged any of them who might have pertinent information to please come forward. He also put them on notice that systemic changes would be forthcoming to insure the integrity of the operations.

To be able to keep you informed on a daily basis, we will have a brief release for you each afternoon between 2:00pm and 3:00pm. If there is a critical issue to be announced you will be notified of any scheduled press conferences.


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