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FOR RELEASE: January 25, 2000
CONTACT: Dick Gunn

Re: Release of the 4th Annual The State of the State's Health
"Working Together to Improve the State of the State's Health"
Year 2000 Report from the Oklahoma State Board of Health  
Date/Time: Thursday, February 3, 2000, 10 a.m.
Location: Blue Room, State Capitol, Oklahoma City

Jay A. Gregory, M.D., President, Oklahoma State Board of Health

Gordon H. Deckert, M.D., Member and Past President, Oklahoma State Board of Health

Jerry R. Nida, M.D., State Health Commissioner

Boyd O. Whitlock, M.D., President, Oklahoma State Medical Association

Robert J. Weedn, M.D., Chair, Physicians' Campaign for a Healthier Oklahoma and President-Elect of the Oklahoma State Medical Association  

Background: Beginning in 1997, the Oklahoma State Board of Health has released The State of the State's Health each year in an effortto provide an assessment of the general health status ofOklahomans. The report identifies public health trends and underlying causes contributing to health status. The year 2000 report continues this process while also highlighting several fairly simple, effective and relatively inexpensive prevention approaches – as compared to treatment options – that are available for a number of health issues. Statewide and county-specific health status data are also available.
Availability: The five-person panel will be available for media questions following the approximately 45-minute presentation.  



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