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FOR RELEASE: November 22, 2000
CONTACT: Dick Gunn

Light Up for the Holidays – But Use a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Some Oklahoma cities and towns may have contracted for services to install Christmas and seasonal lighting that does not meet the National Electrical Code for such installations, the Oklahoma State Department of Health announced today. As a result, officials with the State Health Department's Occupational Licensing Service are concerned some installations could pose fire and electrocution hazards.

“Cities and towns should make sure they are contracting with persons licensed to perform such work,” said Rocky McElvany, chief of the agency's Occupational Licensing Service.

McElvany said many installations encountered thus far this season are not in compliance. “For example, some had open conductors that ran across buildings and structures, which clearly violates minimum standards for electrical installations.”

McElvany urged city managers and city electrical inspectors to make certain they are dealing with licensed electrical contractors. Should they have questions, they can call the Occupational Licensing Service at 405/271-5217.


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