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Fill-in-Blank News Release
For County Health Departments

Integrity Task Force

For Release: (date)
Contact: (administrator)
(_____) County Health Department
(Phone #)

_____ members of the nursing (and/or sanitarian) staff from the _____ County Health Department have contributed to the Oklahoma State Department of Health’s “Integrity Task Force” in an effort to reduce the backlog of complaints concerning nursing home facilities in the state.

“We are proud that our local employees have been involved in this effort, “ said _____. “They are responsive, committed and capable of investigating allegations regarding patient care to assure that patients in long-term care facilities receive appropriate care. We are also appreciative of our other staff who have stepped up their efforts to fill in for those who are investigating nursing home complaints.”

_____ said staff received a two-day training at the state health department’s Oklahoma City office prior to beginning their calls on nursing home facilities. Although not certified as nursing home surveyors as required by the federal Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), the state had received permission to implement emergency measures to utilize county health department nursing and sanitarian staff for initial complaint investigations.

Participating in the “Integrity Task Force” effort were (insert employee names here).

Persons who wish to report a complaint may call the Nursing Home Complaint Line toll free at 1-800-747-8419.


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