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Fill-in-Blank News Release
For County Health Departments

Flu Update

For Release: (Date)
Contact: (Administrator’s Name)
_____County Health Department
(Phone #)

Flu Season May Have Peaked But Not Over Yet

_____ County has weathered the peak influenza period for this winter season, but there could be additional flu activity through March, reports the _____ County Health Department.

"We still have some influenza vaccine available, and we certainly want to encourage residents in our county to get the flu shot if they haven’t already," said _____, health department administrator.

_____ pointed out that persons who are over 65 year of age as well as individuals with heart disease, breathing disorders, HIV infection, and other chronic metabolic diseases are at high risk for complications from influenza and should get the flu shot. "The major strain of flu we’ve seen thus far is Type A/Sydney, and immunity for this type of flu is included in this year’s vaccine," _____ said.

The health department is also encouraging teachers, counselors, caseworkers, and health care workers who may have extensive contact with the public to get a flu shot if they have not already done so.

"It’s not too late to get a flu shot," _____ emphasized, "although it does take up to two weeks for the flu vaccine to become fully effective, and any exposure to the flu virus during that time could result in getting the flu."

_____ said the _____ County Health Department will offer flu vaccine on these days and times: (counties insert their flu clinic schedules here). For more information about flu or the flu vaccine clinics, call the health department at (insert phone number here).


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