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FOR RELEASE: September 19, 2000
CONTACT: Dick Gunn

National Barber Week Observed September 17-23

Twenty-five cent haircuts are probably a thing of the past, but clean barber shops and licensed barbers are still the order of the day in Oklahoma. During this, National Barber Week in Oklahoma, as proclaimed by Gov. Keating, the Oklahoma State Department of Health reminds patrons that before they get their “ears trimmed,” the process of barbering has been inspected for sanitation and licensure.

State barber regulations require the state health department to inspect barber colleges and barber shops for proper sanitation, including sanitizing combs and equipment such clipper blades, shears and razors. State regulations also require state health inspectors to check for proper lighting and ventilation, as well as clean floors, towels and chairs.

Last year in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma State Department of Health licensed:

  • 3,020 barbers
  • 73 barber instructors
  • 132 barber apprentices
  • 5 barber colleges
  • and inspected 1,068 barber shops.

Complaints concerning the cleanliness of barber shops or questions about the licensure of barbers can be addressed by calling the state health department's Occupational Licensing Service at 405/271-5217, or by email to Webmaster@health.state.ok.us.


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