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The Code of Conduct defines ethical standards for sound organizational governance and translates the organization’s values into operational principles by spelling out essential practices, behaviors, ethics, and business standards for all individuals who are employed by and represent the Agency.

Expanding the Agency’s core values into operating principles creates an organizational culture, which results in a highly functional and well-respected organization. Operating principles explain how to demonstrate the core values because they are the organization’s character in action. The code of conduct describes the way in which the values are to be manifested on a daily basis. 


OSDH employees and representatives are committed: 

• To treat our customers and each other as we would like to be treated 

• To pursue excellence through quality customer service, teamwork, leadership, open communication, and continuous improvement 

• To be honest and forthright with our customers, communities, suppliers, stakeholders, and one another; to be truthful in all endeavors 

• To fulfill our commitments to our customers and each other with integrity; to say what we mean, and to deliver what we promise 

• To treat our customers and one another with respect, dignity and fairness, appreciating the diversity and uniqueness of each individual 

• To take responsibility and account for our actions and those of our Agency; to fearlessly seek clarification, guidance, and effective services for all 

• To provide quality through continuous learning opportunities and effective customer services to all with professionalism and impartiality 

• To build confidence in our customers and in one another through fidelity; credibility and depend­ability: through team work and open, candid communication 

• To seek opportunities for the advancement of knowledge and skills 

• To maintain complete and total confidentiality of privileged information collected, filed or stored by the Agency 

• To be mindful and trust information from customers and each other 

• To adopt business practices and service delivery approaches that have proven values including best practices and evidence–based and evidence

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