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Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

The Office of Primary Care & Rural Health Development, Statewide Access to Care Planning division, provides support and technical assistance to FQHCs in order to aid in the enhancement of primary care services in underserved urban and rural communities. 

FQHCS are non-profit organizations or public entities that receive grants under Section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. They are a critical safety net for Oklahoma's uninsured population, as they provide comprehensive primary care regardless of a patient's ability to pay. 

FQHCs across the state differ in the primary health services they provide, and many extend beyond medical services to include oral health, behavioral health, substance abuse services, and non-clinical enabling services. 

FQHCs must be located in or serve a high-need community, specifically a federally designated, medically underserved area or population. (MUA/MUP). 


Document Type Item Description Totals
Federally Qualified Health Centers in Oklahoma - Map Map A map of the current Federally Qualified Health Centers, with satellite clinics in Oklahoma.


20 Federally Qualified Health Centers, with 88 Delivery Sites (March 2016)

Federally Qualified Health Centers - Listing Report A listing of the current Federally Qualified Health Centers in Oklahoma, with additional details such as address and contact information.
Medically Underserved Areas Map Map of the areas in Oklahoma that meet federal criteria for a shortage of health care services. Medically Underserved Areas are designated in 65 out of the 77 counties in Oklahoma.
Additional Maps & Data on Federally Qualified Health Centers Web Page The Office of Primary Care's Data & Reports Page as additional maps and information related to the state's Federally Qualified Health Centers


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