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Certified Healthy Schools 2019

The Certified Healthy Oklahoma School Program 2019 received 788 applications and certified 749 schools at the basic, merit or excellence level. Those schools (sorted by county) include:


Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain
Dahlonegah Public School Dahlonegah
Maryetta Public School Maryetta
Stilwell Grade School Stilwell
Stilwell High School Stilwell
Stilwell Middle School Stilwell
Zion Zion
Westville Public Schools Westville


Timberlake Public School Timberlake


Atoka Elementary Atoka
Caney Elementary Public School Caney
Caney High School Caney
Atoka High School Atoka
Harmony Public School Harmony
Lane School Lane
Stringtown Elementary School Stringtown
Stringtown High School Stringtown
Tushka Elementary School Tushka
Tushka High School Tushka


Merritt Elementary Merritt
Merritt High School Merritt


Okeene Elementary School Okeene
Okeene High School Okeene
Okeene Junior High School Okeene


Achille High School Achille
Achille Public Schools Achille
Calera Elementary Calera
Durant High School Durant
Durant Intermediate School Durant
Bennington Elementary School Bennington
Bennington High School Bennington
Caddo Public Schools Caddo
Calera High School Calera
Calera Public School Calera
Colbert High School Colbert
Colbert Middle School Colbert
Ward Elementary School East Colbert
Northwest Heights Elementary Durant
Robert E. Lee Early Childhood Center Durant
Rock Creek Elementary Rock Creek
Rock Creek Public Schools Rock Creek
Colbert Public School Colbert
Washington Irving Elementary (Durant) Durant
Silo Elementary Silo
Silo High School Silo
Silo Middle School Silo


Mission Elementary Anadarko
Sunset Elementary Anadarko


Mustang Elementary Mustang
Lakeview Elementary School Yukon
Parkland Elementary Yukon
St. John Nepomuk Catholic School Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Calumet Elementary Calumet
Calumet High School Calumet
Darlington Darlington
El Reno High School El Reno
El Reno Learning Center El Reno
Etta Dale Junior High School El Reno
Hillcrest Elementary School El Reno
Lincoln Learning Center El Reno
Roblyer MIddle Schools El Reno
Rose Witcher Elementary School El Reno
Canyon Ridge Intermediate Mustang
Centennial Elementary School Mustang
Mustang Central Middle School Mustang
Mustang Creek Elementary Mustang
Mustang Education Center Mustang
Mustang Middle School Mustang
Mustang North Middle School Mustang
Prairie View Elementary (Mustang) Mustang
Riverwood Elementary School Mustang
Central Elementary Yukon
Independence Elementary School Yukon
Myers Elementary Yukon
Shedeck Elementary Yukon
Skyview Elementary Yukon
Yukon High School Yukon
Yukon Middle School Yukon
Horizon Intermediate Mustang
Meadow Brook Intermediate Mustang
Mustang High School Mustang
Mustang Trails Mustang
Mustang Valley Elementary Mustang
Piedmont Early Childhood Center Piedmont
Piedmont Elementary School Piedmont
Stone Ridge Elementary School Piedmont


Jefferson Elementary (Ardmore) Ardmore
Oak Hall Episcopal School Ardmore
Dickson High School Dickson
Healdton Elementary School Healdton
Zaneis Zaneis
Lincoln Elementary (Armore) Ardmore
Lone Grove Intermdiate Lone Grove
Lone Grove Middle School Lone Grove
Lone Grove Primary Lone Grove
Wilson Elementary (Wilson) Wilson
Dickson Lower Elementary Dickson


Hulbert Elementary School Hulbert
Keys High School Keys
Cherokee Elementary Tahlequah
Greenwood Elementary Tahlequah
Heritage Elementary Tahlequah
Sequoyah Pre-K Tahlequah
Tahlequah High School Tahlequah
Tahlequah Middle School Tahlequah
Briggs Public School Briggs
Grand View School Grand View
Shady Grove Elementary Shady Grove
Woodall Public Schools Woodall


Hugo Intermediate School Hugo
Hugo High School Hugo
Boswell Boswell
Hugo Elementary School Hugo


Central Junior High Moore
Noble High School Noble
Children's Recovery Center of Oklahoma Norman
Cleveland Elementary School Norman
McKinley Elementary School Norman
Brink Junior High Moore
Broadmoore Elementary Moore
Heritage Trails Elementary Moore
Highland West Junior High Moore
Moore West Junior High Moore
Hubbard Elementary Noble
Pioneer Intermediate Noble
Adams Elementary (Norman) Norman
Alcott Middle School Norman
Dimensions Academy North Norman
Dimensions South Norman
Irving Middle School Norman
Jackson Elementary School (Norman) Norman
Jefferson Elementary (Norman) Norman
Longfellow Middle School (Norman) Norman
Monroe Elementary Norman
Norman - Eisenhower Elementary Norman
Norman High School Norman
Norman North High School Norman
Norman Public Schools Lincoln Elementary School Norman
Reagan Elementary Norman
Roosevelt Norman
Tabbetha Lee Norman
Truman Elementary Norman
Truman Primary Norman
Washington Elementary School Norman
Whittier Middle School Norman
Redbud Farm and Christian School Moore
Madison Elementary Norman
Norman - Wilson Elementary Norman
Robin Hill Elementary Robin Hill


Coalgate High School Coalgate
E. E. Emerson Elementary Coalgate
Wallace Byrd Middle School Coalgate
Cottonwood Public School Cottonwood


Flower Mound School Flower Mound
Central Middle School Lawton
Freedom Elementary (Lawton) Lawton
John Adams Elementary Lawton
Carriage Hills Lawton
Hugh Bish Elementary School Lawton
Learning Tree Academy Lawton
MacArthur High School Lawton
MacArthur Middle School Lawton
Pat Henry Elementary School Lawton
Cache Primary School Cache
Eisenhower High School Lawton
Eisenhower Middle School Lawton
Sullivan Village Elementary Lawton
Whittier Elementary School Lawton
Woodland Hills Elementary School Lawton


Bluejacket Elementary School Bluejacket
Ketchum Public Schools Ketchum
Welch High School Welch
Bluejacket High School Bluejacket
Bluejacket Middle School Bluejacket
Welch Elementary School Welch
Welch Jr High School Welch


Mannford Elementary School Mannford
Jefferson Heights Elementary School Sapulpa
Sapulpa Middle School Sapulpa
Bristow High School Bristow
Bristow Middle School Bristow
Lone Star School Lone Star
Collins Elementary School Bristow
Edison Elementary Bristow
Gypsy Public School Gypsy
Liberty Elementary STEM Academy Sapulpa
Sapulpa Junior High School Sapulpa


Clinton High School Clinton
Clinton Middle School Clinton
Nance Elementary School Clinton
Southwest Elementary School Clinton
Washington Elementary Clinton


Colcord Elementary School Colcord
Oaks Mission School Oaks-Mission
Cleora Elementary Cleora
Grove Middle School Grove
Jay Elementary School Jay
Kansas Elementary School Kansas
Kansas High School Kansas
Kansas Middle School Kansas
Leach Public School Leach
Colcord High School Colcord
Kenwood Public School Kenwood


Carver Early Childhood Center Enid
Emerson Middle School Enid
Waukomis Elementary Waukomis
Waukomis Middle School Waukomis
Waukomis Secondary School Waukomis
Enid High School Enid
McKinley Elementary (Enid) Enid
Pleasant Vale Elementary Enid
Adams Elementary (Enid) Enid
Coolidge Enid
Dewitt Waller Middle School Enid
Garfield Elementary Enid
Glenwood Elementary Enid
Hays Elementary Enid
Hoover Elementary (Enid) Enid
Longfellow Middle School (Enid) Enid
Monroe Elementary School (Enid) Enid
Oklahoma Bible Academy Enid
Prairie View Elementary (Enid) Enid
Taft Enid


Lindsay Elementary School Lindsay
Maysville Public School Maysville
Jackson Elementary School (Pauls Valley) Pauls Valley
Jefferson Early Childhood Center (Pauls Valley) Pauls Valley
Lee Elementary School Pauls Valley
Pauls Valley High School Pauls Valley
Pauls Valley Junior High School Pauls Valley
Wynnewood High School Wynnewood
Whitebead Elementary Whitebead


Lincoln Elementary (Chickasha) Chickasha
Bill Wallace Early Childhood Center Chickasha
Chickasha Middle School Chickasha
Rush Springs Elementary School Rush Springs
Rush Springs High School Rush Springs
Rush Springs Middle School Rush Springs
Tuttle Elementary School Tuttle
Chickasha High School Chickasha


Medford Elementary School Medford
Medford High School Medford


Granite Elementary School Granite
Granite High School Granite


Laverne High School Laverne


Whitefield Public School Whitefield


Ethel Reed Elementary Holdenville
Holdenville High School Holdenville
Thomas Intermediate Elementary Holdenville
Calvin Schools Calvin


Altus Intermediate School Altus
Altus Early Childhood Center Altus
Altus Elementary School Altus
Altus Junior High School Altus
Altus Primary School Altus
L. Mendel Rivers Elementary Altus
Blair Elementary School Blair
Navajo Elementary Navajo
Navajo High School Navajo
Navajo Junior High Navajo
Olustee-Eldorado Olustee
Altus Christian Academy Altus
Altus High School Altus
Olustee-Eldorado High School Olustee


Mill Creek High School Mill Creek
Ravia School Ravia
TIshomingo Middle School Tishomingo
Wapanucka Public School (Elementary) Wapanucka
Wapanucka Public School (High) Wapanucka
Milburn Elementary Milburn
Milburn High School Milburn


Newkirk Elementary School Newkirk
Newkirk High School Newkirk
Newkirk Middle School Newkirk
E.M. Trout Elementary Ponca City
Garfield ES Ponca City
Liberty Elementary Ponca City
Lincoln Elementary (Ponca City) Ponca City
Ponca City East Middle School Ponca City
Ponca City High School Ponca City
Union Elementary Ponca City
West Middle School Ponca City
Tonkawa Elementary School Tonkawa
Tonkawa High School Tonkawa
Tonkawa Middle School Tonkawa
Blackwell Elementary School Blackwell
Roosevelt Elementary Ponca City
Woodlands Elementary School Ponca City


Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic School Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
Cashion High School Cashion
Cashion Middle School Cashion
Kingfisher Middle School Kingfisher
Lomega Elementary School Lomega
Gilmour Elementary Kingfisher
Okarche Elementary School Okarche
Okarche High School Okarche
Okarche Jr High Okarche
Cashion Elementary Cashion
Dover Elementary School Dover
Dover High School Dover
Kingfisher Heritage School Kingfisher
Kingfisher High School Kingfisher
Lomega High School Lomega


Red Oak Red Oak
Wilburton Public Schools Wilburton


Heavener Public Schools Heavener
Panama Elementary School Panama
Panama High School Panama
Panama Middle School Panama
Shady Point Schools Shady Point
Spiro High School Spiro
Spiro Lower Elementary School Spiro
Spiro Upper Elementary School Spiro
Cameron Public School Cameron
Howe High School Howe
Spiro Middle School Spiro


Agra Elementary School Agra
Agra Junior High School Agra
Davenport Elementary School Davenport
Davenport High School Davenport
Parkview Elementary School Stroud
Wellston High School Wellston
Agra High School Agra
Chandler High School Chandler
Chandler Junior High Chandler
East Side Elementary Chandler
Park Road Elementary Chandler
Meeker Elementary School Meeker
Meeker High School Meeker
Meeker Middle School Meeker
Prague Elementary School Prague
Prague High School Prague
Prague Middle School Prague
White Rock School White Rock
Carney Middle and High School Carney
Carney Elementary Carney
Stroud High School Stroud
Wellston Middle School Wellston


Crescent Elementary School Crescent
Crescent High School Crescent
Crescent Middle School Crescent
Central Elementary School (Guthrie) Guthrie
Charter Oak Elementary Guthrie
Cotteral Elementary School Guthrie
Fogarty Elementary School Guthrie
Guthrie High School Guthrie
Guthrie Junior High School Guthrie
Guthrie Upper Elementary School Guthrie


Chamberlain Middle School Fairview
Cornelsen Elementary Fairview
Fairview High School Fairview


Kingston Elementary School Kingston
Kingston High School Kingston
Kingston Middle School Kingston
Madill Early Childhood Center Madill
Madill Elementary School Madill
Madill High School Madill
Madill Middle School Madill


Locust Grove Early Learning Center Locust Grove
Adair Middle School Adair
Chouteau Early Childhood Center Chouteau-Mazie
Chouteau High School Chouteau-Mazie
Mazie Elementary Chouteau-Mazie
Jefferson Elementary (Pryor) Pryor
Lincoln Early Childhood Center Pryor
Lincoln Elementary (Pryor) Pryor
Pryor High School Pryor
Roosevelt Elementary School Pryor
Adair High School Adair
Bernita Hughes Elementary Adair
Osage Elementary Osage
Salina High School Salina
Wickliffe School Salina


Blanchard High School Blanchard
Blanchard Intermediate School Blanchard
Blanchard Middle School Blanchard
Blanchard Elementary School Blanchard
Newcastle Early Childhood Center Newcastle
Newcastle High School Newcastle
Newcastle Middle School Newcastle


Central Elementary School (Idabel) Idabel
Idabel High School Idabel
Idabel Middle School Idabel
Idabel Primary South Elementary Idabel
Finley Reese Elementary Wright City
Haworth Elementary School Haworth
Haworth High School Haworth
Haworth Middle School School Haworth
Holly Creek Elementary Holly Creek
Valliant High School Valliant
Valliant Middle School Valliant
Wright City High School Wright City
Wright City Junior High Wright City


Sulphur Intermediate School Sulphur
Sulphur Middle School Sulphur
Sulphur High School Sulphur


Hilldale Middle School Hilldale
6th Grade Academy @ Grant Foreman Muskogee
Creek Elementary Muskogee
Porum ES Porum
PorumHS Porum
Braggs Elementary Braggs
Braggs High School Braggs
Fort Gibson Early Learning Center Fort Gibson
Fort Gibson Intermediate Elementary Fort Gibson
Haskell High School Haskell
Haskell Public School Haskell
Mary White Elementary Haskell
Hilldale Elementary School Hilldale
Hilldale High School Hilldale
Cherokee Elementary School Muskogee
Muskogee Early Childhood Center Muskogee
Saint Joseph Catholic School Muskogee
Oklahoma School for the Blind (Elementary) Oklahoma School for the Blind
Oklahoma School for the Blind (High School) Oklahoma School for the Blind (HS)
Oktaha Elementary Oktaha
Oktaha High School Oktaha
Warner Elementary School Warner
Webbers Falls Elementary Webbers Falls
Webbers Falls High School Webbers Falls
Fort Gibson High School Fort Gibson
Fort Gibson Middle School Fort Gibson
E.W. Beaver Middle School Haskell
Muskogee High School Muskogee
New Tech at Cherokee Elementary School Muskogee
Pershing Model School of Technology Muskogee
Sadler Arts Academy Muskogee
Whittier Elementary Muskogee
Warner High School Warner


Oklahoma Union Elementary Oklahoma Union
Nowata Elementary School Nowata
Nowata High School Nowata
Nowata Middle School Nowata
Nowata School District I040 Nowata


Mason Public Schools Mason


Bethany High School Bethany
Bethany Middle School Bethany
Deer Creek High School Deer Creek
Northern Hills Elementary School Edmond
Emerson North High School Oklahoma City
Jefferson Middle School Oklahoma City
Kaiser ES Oklahoma City
Tulakes Elementary Putnam City
Windsor Hills Elementary Putnam City
Western Heights High School Western Heights
Western Heights Middle School Western Heights
St. Philip Neri Catholic School Archdiocese of Oklahoma City
ASTEC Charter Schools Astec Charters
Earl Harris Elementary Bethany
Grand Avenue Elementary Chickasha
Choctaw Elementary Choctaw-Nicoma Park
Indian Meridian Elementary Choctaw-Nicoma Park
Deer Creek Elementary Deer Creek
Deer Creek Intermediate School Deer Creek
Deer Creek Middle School Deer Creek
Grove Valley Elementary School Deer Creek
Rose Union Deer Creek
Spring Creek Elementary Deer Creek
Charles Haskell Elementary Edmond
Chisholm Elementary Edmond
Cross Timbers Elementary (Edmond) Edmond
Washington Irving Elementary (Edmond) Edmond
West Field Elementary Edmond
Will Rogers Elementary (Edmond) Edmond
Elk City High School Elk City
Elk City Middle Elk City
Elk City Intermediate School Elk City
Jones Elementary Jones
Pleasant Hill Elementary Midwest City-Del City
Adalaide Lee Elementary Oklahoma City
Bodine Elementary School Oklahoma City
Brad Talley Oklahoma City
Buchanan Elementary Oklahoma City
Cesar Chavez Elementary School Oklahoma City
Cleveland Elementary Oklahoma City
Coolidge Elementary Oklahoma City
Esparanza Elementary (formally Stand Watie Elementary) Oklahoma City
Fillmore Elementary School Oklahoma City
Hawthorne Elementary Oklahoma City
Heronville Oklahoma City
Martin Luther King Jr. E.S. Oklahoma City
Nichols Hills Enterprise Elementary School Oklahoma City
Prarie Queen Elementary Oklahoma City
Quail Creek Elementary School Oklahoma City
Rockwood Elementary Oklahoma City
Rogers Elementary School Oklahoma City
Shidler Elementary Oklahoma City
Southern Hills Elementary School Oklahoma City
Spencer Elementary Oklahoma City
Stanley Hupfeld Academy at Western Village Oklahoma City
Taft Middle School Oklahoma City
Thelma Reece Parks Oklahoma City
Wilson Elementary (OKC) Oklahoma City
Angus Valley Elementary Sand Springs
Prairie Vale Elementary Deer Creek
Heritage Elementary School Edmond
Elk City Elementary Elementary Elk City
Grove High School Grove
McAlester High School Mcalester
Epperly Heights Elementary Midwest City-Del City
Steed Elementary Midwest City-Del City
Tinker Elementary Midwest City-Del City
Eugene Field Elementary School Oklahoma City
Greg Marshment Oklahoma City
Ridgeview Elementary Oklahoma City
Van Buren Elementary School Oklahoma City
Apollo Elementary Putnam City
Central Elementary- Putnam City Schools Putnam City
Mayfield Middle School Putnam City
Rollingwood Elementary Putnam City


Morris Middle School Morris
Wilson Elementary (Henryetta) Wilson
Henryetta Elementary School Henryetta
Henryetta High School Henryetta
Henryetta Middle School Henryetta
Dunbar School Okmulgee
Beggs Elementary School Beggs
Morris Elementary School Morris
Okmulgee Primary School Okmulgee
Twin Hills School Twin Hills


Pawhuska Elementary Pawhuska


Rockdale Elementary School Miami
Afton Public Schools (High School) Afton
Afton Public Schools (Elementary) Afton
Miami High School Miami
Will Rogers Middle School Miami


Cleveland Intermediate School Cleveland
Cleveland Middle School Cleveland
Cleveland Primary Cleveland
Cleveland High School Cleveland


Lincoln Alternative Academy Stillwater
Cushing Lower Elementary Cushing
Cushing Middle School Cushing
Cushing Pre-Kindergarten Cushing
Cushing Upper Elementary Cushing
Ripley Schools Ripley
Highland Park Elementary Stillwater
Sangre Ridge Elementary School Stillwater
Stillwater High School Stillwater
Stillwater Junior High School Stillwater
Stillwater Middle School Stillwater
Westwood Elementary Stillwater
Will Rogers Elementary (Stillwater) Stillwater


Canadian Elementary Canadian
Canadian High School Canadian
Crowder High School Crowder
Haileyville High School Haileyville
Hartshorne Elementary School Hartshorne
Hartshorne High School Hartshorne
Hartshorne Middle School Hartshorne
Indianola Elementary School Indianola
Indianola High School Indianola
Kiowa High School Kiowa
Krebs Public School Krebs
McAlester Public Schools Mcalester
Parker Intermediate Center Mcalester
Will Rogers Elementary (McAlestar) Mcalester
William Gay Early Childhood Center Mcalester
Pittsburg Public School Pittsburg
Savanna Elementary School Savanna
Savanna High School Savanna
Tannehill School Tannehill
Crowder Elementary School Crowder
Haileyville Elementary Haileyville
Haywood Public School Haywood
Emerson Elementary School Mcalester
Jefferson Early Childhood Center (McAlestar) Mcalester


Byng High School Byng
Ada High School Ada
Latta Public Schools Ada
McLish Middle School Stonewall
Vanoss Public School Vanoss
Hayes Grade Center Ada
Washington Grade Center Ada
Allen Elementary School Allen
Allen High School Allen
Allen Public Schools (District Application) Allen
Francis Byng


Grove Elementary School Grove
Asher Elementary School Asher
Asher High School Asher
McLoud Early Childhood Center Mcloud
McLoud Elementary Mcloud
McLoud High School Mcloud
Mcloud Intermediate School Mcloud
McLoud Junior High Mcloud
McLoud Public Schools Mcloud
Pleasant Grove Public School Pleasant Grove
Sequoyah Elementary Shawnee
Shawnee High School Shawnee
Shawnee Middle School Shawnee
Barnard Elementary School Tecumseh
Cross Timbers Elementary (Tecumseh) Tecumseh
Tecumseh High School Tecumseh
Maud Elementary School Maud
Horace Mann Shawnee
Jim Thorpe Academy Shawnee
Shawnee Early Childhood Center Shawnee
Will Rogers Elementary (Shawnee) Shawnee
Tecumseh Early Childhood Center Tecumseh
Tecumseh Middle School Tecumseh


Clayton High School Clayton
Moyers Public School Moyers
Crain Elementary Clayton

Roger Mills

Cheyenne Elementary Cheyenne
Cheyenne High School Cheyenne


Legacy Christian School Claremore
Will Rogers Junior High Claremore
Catalayah Elementary Claremore
Claremont Elementary School Claremore
Claremore High School Claremore
Roosa Elementary Claremore
Westside Elementary School Claremore
Foyil Elementary Foyil
Foyil High School Foyil
Foyil Junior High Foyil
Inola Elementary Inola


Bowlegs Public Schools Bowlegs
Varnum Elementary School Varnum
Justice Public School Justice
Konawa Elementary School Konawa
Konawa High School Konawa
Konawa Middle School Konawa
New Lima Elementary New Lima
New Lima High School New Lima
Sasakwa Elementary School Sasakwa
Sasakwa High School Sasakwa
Betty L. Smith ECC Seminole
Seminole High School Seminole
Woodrow Wilson Seminole
Wewoka Public School Wewoka
Northwood Elementary School Seminole
Seminole Middle School Seminole


Brushy School Brushy
Central Elementary School (Central) Central
Moffett School Moffett


Plato Elementary Duncan
Horace Mann Elementary Duncan
Woodrow Wilson Elementary (Duncan) Duncan
Duncan High School Duncan
Duncan Middle School Duncan
Emerson Elementary Duncan
Will Rogers Pre-K Center Duncan
Empire Public Schools Empire


Academy Elementary Guymon
North Park Elementary School Guymon
Prairie Guymon


Ator Elementary Owasso
Limestone Technology Academy Sand Springs
Dual Language Academy Tulsa
Eliot Elementary School Tulsa
Hoover Elementary School Tulsa
Nathan Hale High School Tulsa
Springdale Tulsa
Darnaby Elementary Union
Berryhill Elementary School Berryhill
Bixby Central Intermediate Bixby
Bixby North Intermediate Bixby
Bixby Northeast Elementary and Intermediate Bixby
Country Lane Intermediate Broken Arrow
Ernest Childers Middle School Broken Arrow
Oak Crest Elementary Broken Arrow
Timber Ridge Elementary Broken Arrow
Collinsville High School Collinsville
Collinsville Upper Elementary Collinsville
Janice K Pollard Early Childhood Center Collinsville
Herald Lower Elementary Collinsville
Collinsville Middle School Collinsville
Wilson 6th Grade Center Collinsville
Glenpool Elementary Glenpool
Glenpool High School Glenpool
Glenpool Intermediate School Glenpool
Glenpool Lower Elementary School Glenpool
Glenpool Middle School Glenpool
Jenks East Elementary Jenks
Jenks East Intermediate Jenks
Jenks Freshman Academy Jenks
Jenks High School Jenks
Jenks Southeast Elementary Jenks
Jenks West Elementary School Jenks
Jenks West Intermediate Jenks
Northwest Elementary (Jenks) Jenks
Northeast Elementary Owasso
Owasso Eighth Grade Center Owasso
Owasso Public School High School Owasso
Stone Canyon Elementary School Owasso
Garfield Steam Academy Sand Springs
Council Oak Elementary Tulsa
Francis Scott Key Elementary School Tulsa
Hale Jr High Tulsa
Henry Zarrow International School Tulsa
McKinley Elementary (Tulsa) Tulsa
McLain High School for Science & Technology Tulsa
Robertson Elementary Tulsa
Boevers Elementary School Union
Jarman Elementary Union
Marshall T. Moore Elementary School Union
Tom Peters Elementary School Union
Bixby High School Bixby
Bixby Middle School Bixby
Bixby North Elementary Bixby
Jenks Middle School Jenks
Owasso 6th Grade Center Owasso
Clyde Boyd Middle School Sand Springs
Carnegie Elementary Tulsa
College Bound Academy Tulsa
Will RogersCollege HS Tulsa
Cedar Ridge Elementary Union
McAuliffe Elementary Union
Roy Clark Elementary Union


Southside Elementary Coweta
Coweta Central Elementary Coweta
Coweta High School Coweta
Coweta Intermediate High School Coweta
Heritage Intermediate Grade Center Coweta
Mission Intermediate Grade Center Coweta
Porter Elementary School Porter Consolidated
Porter JH/HS School Porter Consolidated
Central Intermediate School Wagoner
Ellington Early Childhood Center Wagoner
Wagoner High School Wagoner
William R Teague Elementary Wagoner
Sloat Junior High Coweta


Hoover Elementary (Bartlesville) Bartlesville
Woodrow Wilson Elementary (Bartlesville) Bartlesville


Cordell Elementary School Cordell
Will Rogers Elementary (Burns Flat-Dill City) Burns Flat-Dill City


Washington ECC Alva


Cedar Heights Elementary Woodward
Woodward Middle School Woodward
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